The new CCNP certification has undergone recent, substantial revisions from Cisco. To become certified, you must pass two tests. There is a concentration exam as well as an enterprise core exam. The written exam required to qualify for the ccnp gns3 labs is the Cisco CCNP Enterprise Core.

It's interesting to note that the CCNA certification is no longer a requirement for CCNP certification. Unless you have a lot of experience, the Cisco CCNA is advised. All CCNP examinations now include performance-based labs with Cisco.

CCNP Enterprise Subjects that are New!

So, how many and what kind of switches should you buy? Look at it now.

Catalyst 2950 by Cisco

This excellent layer 2 switch is now rather affordable. These might be available for around $30 if you search. You can practice 90% of the CCNP SWITCH subjects using this switch. There are no issues with spanning tree, ether channels, VLANs, or trunks.


Cheap and provides support for all layer 2 "core" protocols.


No routing assistance.

3550 Cisco Catalyst

The 3550 is a layer 3 switch that is now extremely reasonably priced. The 2950-type device also supports routing, allowing you to utilize it for inter-VLAN routing and routing protocols like OSPF or EIGRP. You will require a layer 3 switch because inter-VLAN routing is a key topic in CCNP SWITCH.

This switch's lack of support for private VLANs and StackWise is its lone drawback. Despite the fact that these are both minor concerns in CCNP SWITCH, you cannot configure them on this switch.


Cheap and it provides support for all layer 2 "core" protocols.

allows for routing of the protocols.


Private VLAN is not supported.

No Stackwise assistance.

a lack of IPv6 support.