Whether you are looking for a fresh pump for the construction site or possibly a replacement for a preexisting pump, you will need to are aware of the diesel concrete mixer pump price. This large machine might be expensive or inexpensive to ship, dependant upon the company and location. Generally, large machines are shipped via truck, train, or sea. No matter what shipping cost, it is important to think about the quality and after-sales service.

Diesel engine oil level

It is sometimes complicated to keep track of the fuel level in a diesel engine concrete mix pumping machine with no special device. The fuel level detection product is made possible by using a controller, that is coupled to the concrete mixer's chassis control center. It could browse the oil measure of the engine, which can be transformed into an electronic digital signal for input to your GPS dispensing device. Your data is going to be transmitted to some remote monitoring terminal.

Moreover, the fuel tank and the filter ought to be emptied regularly. You should also check the oil filter element on your diesel concrete mixer pump. You should modify the oil filter after about 30 to 50 hours of accumulative usage. It is best to change it out every two to three months. In addition to concrete mixing, diesel pumps may also transport heat insulation, lightweight cement, and mortar. You should be aware of operation rules of pompa beton trailer di surabaya.


Performing routine maintenance on a Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump is essential for the proper operation. Regular inspections from the machine improves its service life, lower oil consumption, prevent accidents and increase its economic benefits. Regular cleaning will improve the quality of the constant maintenance, be sure that the hydraulic oil is neat and pollutant-free, and reduce the danger of accidents. Additionally, the pipeline must be totally free of any blockages. Quick and easy steps can ensure that your concrete mixer pump is working efficiently and safely.

Clean the mixer by cleaning its gear and inspecting the halogen profile's degree of wear. Furthermore, clean the shaft and inspect the brake clearance. Look at the hydraulic oil level every month. Make sure that the hydraulic oil level is 275px or even more in comparison to the recommended amount. Check the hydraulic oil level before taking off the pump from your vehicle. Check the oil level within the overall pump and feed hopper at least once a month.

Fuel efficiency

When choosing a concrete pump, one factor often overlooked is fuel efficiency. The rising value of diesel along with the green building movement have heightened the fuel efficiency consciousness. That's why we've compiled fuel efficiency testing data on diesel and gasoline pumps to assist you to make a knowledgeable decision. Fuel efficiency is a vital aspect of the equation when determining the best concrete pump for your job. Continue reading to find out how fuel efficiency can boost your bottom line.

This kind of pompa beton portable mini is actually a popular selection for construction projects, especially in remote places that electric power is unavailable. These pumps are especially suited to projects that require concrete for top-rise buildings, tunnels, and also other large-scale infrastructure. A diesel concrete pump is easy to function and requires a minimum level of maintenance. Together with fuel efficiency, these pumps are a safe and reliable option for remote locations. Plus they require very little maintenance, which helps you save money on maintenance costs.

After-sales service

Before purchasing a diesel concrete mixer pump, check its after-sales service. The after-sales service from the machine can reflect the trustworthiness of its manufacturer. For instance, Aimix Group has generated 8 service networks around the globe and employs more than 60 after-sales engineers for overseas customers. Each after-sales engineer is fully allowed to provide installation, commissioning, training, and technical advisory services.

The pumping capacity of a diesel concrete mixer is infinite, so that it is easier for customers to modify its pumping volume in line with the construction. Moreover, the pump's wireless remote control helps make the job of operating it simpler, reducing manual work. Moreover, diesel concrete pump on the market includes trailer pump and mixer pump. Both models can work together based on the requirement of your customer. The diesel concrete pump is acceptable for an array of applications, from small-scale projects to large projects.