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Today we should bring you the perfect and most op builds in Elden Ring of 2023. It is very broken and needs zero skill.

This can be an unbeatable build manufactured by Prez that is extremely user-friendly and overpowered amongst gamers; it is usually the best Elden Ring build of 2023, along with the strongest from the entire game.


The primary weapon just for this build is Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear. It is a completely broken Great Spear, then one of the most beneficial weapons in the entire game. It has serious physical damage together with split high fire damage, meaning we could use spells and talismans to boost the damage further within this weapon. It also stacks up to 94 bleeds, and all sorts of that help to make the weapon insanely good. The only thing you need to understand is how to make use of its Ash of War.

A nice secondary weapon to utilize is Bandit's Blood Curved Sword; you can acquire this easily for the Church of Pilgrimage, just eliminating the skeletons beyond your church, and they have a two per cent chance to drop this. It is recommended to farm it soon as you get two to help you power-stance it, as the jumping attack is insane. Once you have this fully upgraded, after which add the Seppuku Ash of War, be sure Seppuku is within the one in your right hand. Therefore it is easier to do, as well as the one you're offhand. Just put any bleed affinity you desire on it. With one of these two and Seppuku, your jumping attacks will likely trigger haemorrhaging almost each and every time, and also, this is the second most broken option you have amongst people.

For the spells, you may use the Flame Grant me Strength, and if you desire damage, Howl of Shabriri is a superb option. This even does more damage, plus it pairs the Flame Grant me Strength, but often it makes the create a little bit over-complicated, so whether you make use of it or otherwise, it's up to you.


- For the headpiece, we have been using the White Mask. This will supply you with a ten-damage buff when haemorrhage is triggered, and you may trigger this easily by utilizing Seppuku.

- For the chest, if you use jumping attacks, use Raptor's Black Feathers. You can gain a ten-damage buff from jumping attacks.

- For the hands and legs, you may just use anything you wish. There isn't anything crazy you need to use to help damage. But the Royal Remains set can passively restore your HP.


- Claw Talisman: enhances jump attacks. This could be the most redundant talisman for one mimic tear.

- Shard of Alexander: increases damages of your Ash of War.

- Lord of Blood's Exultation: enhances damage when haemorrhaging is triggered.

- Fire Scorpion Charm: increases fire attack from your Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear.

- Shabriri's Woe: constantly attracts enemies' aggression. Once you are inside the boss fight, contact your mimic tears. As long as you called in with Shabriri's Woe talisman on and you also took yours off, the boss will mainly give attention to your mimic tear, which makes it easier for you to eliminate the boss.


This build is seemingly broken, whatever level you happen to be. The minimum requirements you may need for Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear are 24 strength, 27 arcane, and 14 dexterity. With those levels, then, of course, you'll be able to make use of the curved sword in order that definitely causes it to become something you should concentrate on.

Soft caps

These are just the highest point you ought to go when levelling up. Once you achieve one soft cap, start focusing on the next one.

- Vigor 40/60

- Mind: 55/60

- Endurance: 50 (Stam), 25/60 (Equip)

- Strength: 20/55/80

- Dexterity: 20/55/80

- Dexterity (Spells): 70

- Intelligence: 20/50/80

- Intelligence (Sorc): 60/80

- Faith: 20/50/80

- Faith (Incant): 60/80

- Arcane: 20/55/80

- Arcane (Incant): 60/80

- Arcane (Hybrid): 30/45

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