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The achievement of the Cisco certification is among the best choices you can make to advance your career. Analyzing the IT environment can be very competitive, and you'll need to go above and beyond to be a success. Thus, getting CCNA certification, which is among the most well-known certificates in the field of network technology is a great option. It is possible to earn this certification through passing the Cisco 200-301 test using CCNA test practice.

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Why choose CCNA Certification?

The main advantage for this CCNA accreditation is it expands the knowledge you already have, increases the education trend that will help you in your career in networking and serves as a basis for you IT career. Because this CCNA Certification is acknowledged worldwide the professionals who hold the certification are able to get lucrative jobs as compared to non-certified counterparts. It is essential for those who are new to the networking industry. Through this exam, which is a basic certification exam Cisco 200-301 is where you'll receive a comprehensive explanation of subjects like the basics of network connectivity, IP like the elements in the routing table IPv4 and IPv6 static route routing as well as the various internet-connected solutions (DHCP, DNS, SNMP FTP, etc. ) as well as security basics, and automation and Programmability. In addition the CCNA certification will provide the candidate with numerous career opportunities at the entry level. It's an established fact that companies today want candidates with relevant certifications as 93% of employers believe that Cisco-certified employees enhance efficiency of the businesses and are better educated than those who are not Cisco-certified all over the world. Therefore, the CCNA certification CCNA certification can increase the likelihood of you getting promoted.

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Cisco 200-301 Exam Structure

  • Exam Cost USD 300
  • Exam Format Multiple Choice
  • Total Questions 90-110 questions
  • Passing Score: 750-850/ 1000 approx
  • Exam Time: 120 minutes
  • The two languages spoken are English and Japanese
  • The Testing Center Pearson Vue

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Cisco 200-301 Exam Syllabus Topics

The Cisco 200-301 test is designed to assess the candidate's knowledge of various subjects related to connectivity and networks.

After passing this test, you're qualified to earn an the CCNA credential and then become certified to administer and implement Cisco solutions.

If you are looking to pass through Cisco 200-301 on the beginning it is necessary to master these exam areas:

  • Network fundamentals
  • Access to the network
  • IP connectivity
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals
  • Automation and the ability to program