Good communication is the key to happy relationships among all couples. When there is disconnection due to miscommunication, it can lead to bringing the relationship to an end, and the situation comes where you decide to separate from each other. That's the time you start looking for therapy as a last resort to save your relationship.

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Couples Therapy can give people the chance to rebuild communication skills and work with an unbiased third party to assess and truly work on their relationship. That being said, therapy won’t do the trick if both parties aren’t willing to do the work. Both individuals must be open to speaking honestly about their wants, problems, and needs; listening to each other, and keeping an open mind.

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Couples therapy at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles helps couples of all types improve their relationship with their partner by learning ways to resolve and manage conflicts.

At Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we provide a sliding scale which refers to treatment priced by each person’s income and dependents. This fee structure exists to help make therapy more affordable for people living on a lower income level. A sliding fee scale may be ideal for clients who pay in cash, often because they don’t have health insurance.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy LA provides you with treatment services such as individual therapy, child/adolescent therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Maythal Eshaghian, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in the treatment of Anxiety, OCD, Panic Disorder, and other Obsessive compulsive related disorders including Trichotillomania and skin picking. Contact us at