A non-registered investment also referred to as Non registered investment plan in Toronto by INSUREDCAN. It is an investment account where you can invest an limitless amount of money in a wide range of assets. Banks, financial service providers, as well as mutual fund companies offer Non registered investment plan in Toronto by INSUREDCAN accounts. Both individuals and spouses can open non-registered investment accounts. Investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, as well as other products.

Non registered investment plan in Toronto by INSUREDCAN accounts are not tax-shelter, which means any profits you earn on investments held in the account is subject to taxation. Investing in a non-registered account might consequence in interest or dividend income taxed when earned and capital gains taxed when realized. Because non-register investments are not register with the federal government, they are supple and have zero contribution limits. Though, one downside to non-registered investments is that they are not tax-deductible.