ADHD, also called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is often associated with childhood, but it is now coming to light, and even adults can experience it. This condition affects brain activity, making it difficult for the individual to focus on a single task. It can reflect in life in different ways ranging from the inability to complete work to not being able to concentrate.


In this blog, Dr. Raman Sakhuja explains the symptoms of Adult ADHD. Dr. Raman Sakhuja is a leading consultant psychiatrist at Wales Psychiatry Centre who is known for performing the best Adult ADHD Treatment in Wales. Keep reading to learn more. 


Some of the Symptoms of Adult ADHD are as follows:


  1. Inability to Focus on Things


Many individuals tend to lose focus, especially after spending several hours studying or working on a professional assignment. Adults with ADHD, however, struggle to concentrate on something for more than a few minutes. They could have trouble focusing on what the other person is saying and struggle to maintain a conversation. A person with ADHD will also struggle to finish tasks due to a lack of focus.


  1. Procrastination Cuts into Productivity


This is a direct result of the inability to focus on something, and one can not deny that it not only cuts into one’s productivity but affects their quality of life. Untreated ADHD may make the person think they are just lazy. It could show someone being late for an important meeting or unable to make submissions on time. Being unable to complete a task at the given deadline can lead to missing out on opportunities and, hence, can affect how life turns out. 


  1. Forgetting Things Too Quickly


Now and then, every person tends to forget things. However, it will be difficult for someone with ADHD to remember even crucial details. In fact, it can be very frustrating to recall any information, whether it is about an important appointment or where the car keys are kept. Recalling information becomes next to impossible. 


  1. Impulsivity Affects Life Negatively 


Impulsivity in individuals with ADHD is very common. They tend to do things without considering the consequences or the reasons for doing it. This includes speaking out of turn, interrupting others while speaking, rushing through tasks, or being rude during a fight without realising the weight of the words. Therefore, impulsivity is what causes unwanted consequences that are just avoidable.


  1. Disorganisation


There are many different ways to be disorganised. One might place the dishes in the wrong cabinet or wash the neon green sweaters in the basket meant for white clothes. This makes it difficult for adults who have ADHD to find the things they need at a given point. The system of organisation gets in the way by becoming a barrier to finishing tasks on time.


When to Seek Help


Adult ADHD is a serious issue, but it can be somewhat resolved with professional help. If one thinks one cannot reach the maximum level of productivity or if these things are affecting their life, one should seek the help of a professional. Dr. Raman Sakhuja, a leading psychiatrist, provides the best Adult ADHD Treatment in Wales at Wales Psychiatry Centre. 


The expert psychiatrist believes that ADHD treatment is multimodal and includes medications, sleep optimization, self-help resources and groups, psychological interventions, nutritional support, and neurofeedback. 


To learn more about the treatment options available for Adult ADHD, pay a visit to Wales Psychiatry Centre.