It was his fourth fumble of the season as well as the third time in three games. Every time this happens it's suggested that Ridley is advised to stay on the bench for a while and Madden 23 coins improve his ball security before returning to his role. However, there are those who believe that he's running out of opportunities. It certainly seems that way.

Titans will be signed by Schiancoe

The Tennessee Titans are set to sign tight end Visanthe Schiancoe. Delanie Walker, as well as Craig Stevens are both dealing concussions, and they could be out for some time. Schianco played as a player for the Baltimore Ravens most recently, taking part in training camp with them. He's played for New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and the Patriots throughout his career.

Vikings start construction on their stadium

The Minnesota Vikings broke ground on their new stadium on Tuesday. The project, which is worth $1 billion, is expected to last at least two yearsto complete, and the team is hoping to have it completed by the time the 2016-17 season begins. In the meantime, the Vikings will play their season 2014-2015 at TCF Bank stadium. It is the home for the University of Minnesota football team.

Cribbs will likely be gone by the end of the this year, Reynaud signed

The New York Jets could be without kick returner Josh Cribbs for the remainder of the season. Cribbs sustained a shoulder injury which Head coach Rex Ryan described as "bad." Cribbs is a reliable player this season, and the Jets certainly need someone to assume the role. The team signed Darius Reynaud on Tuesday, who's likely to be the replacement for Cribbs. Reynaud is a solid returner, but lost his position in Tennessee due to a series of mistakes on special teams.

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