If you’re trying to plan the perfect night of wild, steamy sex with your girlfriend (or better yet, a beautiful escort from a great Goa Escort Service, you might be looking up the wildest sex positions you can think of. Guys spend hours trying to plan the perfect way of making their girl’s night, and in reality, that’s probably doing you more harm than good. 

Instead of trying out some of the physically-impossible positions you’re going to see online, we’d say it’s a better bet to stick to what you know, and find ways of spicing it up that leave her a gasping, cummy little mess. And when it comes to great sex between couples, nothing beats the classic: supine sex!

What is Supine Sex?

Used mostly as an umbrella term for positions where she’s lying flat on the ground, supine sex is a lot like good old missionary, but with just the right twists to make it kinky and a much better time. 

What makes supine sex great, though, is that it lets you take control, and show your Goa Escorts girl you’re willing to put in the effort to make it a great time for her too. You could lift one of her toned legs up to your legs to get a better angle at hitting her G-spot, hold her hair tight while fucking her over the dinner table for some kinky rough sex, or go the full nine yards, put her on a leash, and breed her in bed with your cum dripping down her legs. 

It’s all on the table!

Start off slow, with some great foreplay to get her excited and in the mood, before lifting her legs onto your shoulders, wrapping your fingers around her neck, and screwing your way to a shaking orgasm for both of you!

The Kind of Foreplay You Want With Supine Sex

This question’s definitely one of the easier ones: you want to start slow and ramp it up into something more dominant. A great idea is to undress her first (if you’re able to do things like unclasping her bra or taking down her panties with a single hand, it shows her you’re talented, which is a big turn on for most girls!), and push her onto the bed softly to start getting things kinky. 

Go slow, but not like you’re palming a couple of cantaloupes at the supermarket. You want to show her, instead of telling her, that she turns you on like nobody else on Earth. 

While she’s watching you with anticipation, run your hands down her ribs, and bring them back up to hold one of her tits. Lean down and start teasing the little goosebumps around her areola (that’s the little colored spot around her nipple), and she’s going to be quivering with pleasure.

Great Supine Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Sex Life

And because we’re not the type to leave you in the deep end, we’ve gone ahead and listed our favorite supine sex positions down below, complete with tips on how to spice them up so you’re both having a good time. 

One tip, though: you really wanna be playing with her feet here. The feet are one of the most underrated erogenous zones out there, and the right nibbling will send shivers down her spine like never before!

  1. Lifting Her Feet

You’d be surprised how many guys completely forget about one of the best ways to get deeper penetration when you’re having sex. Give your girl a soft push so she’s lying flat on the bed, and before you enter her pussy (or maybe even while you’re teasing her wet pussy lips with your tip), lift her hips onto your thighs. 

The best way is to fold her legs back at the knees, and get as close to her as possible. This way, you’re using the absolute full length of your cock, and a little movement gets you teasing her sensitive G-spot!

  1. The Foetal Flower

Make her lie down in a foetal position, and enter her wet pussy from below. Since she’s already lying down on the bed (or the sofa or the kitchen table, if you’re kinky), that leaves your hands free. Reach up and start playing with her nipples, because believe it or not, most women can cum through just nipple play!

A great tip is to move your hips up and down softly when you thrust, since this makes your cock rub against her walls, and teases her like nothing else.

The Takeaway

In the end, our best tip for you guys would be to not overthink it. Whether you’re making love to an inexperienced girlfriend or a beautiful Goa Escorts, sex is about going with the flow and having fun. Be dominant, don’t be afraid to take control, and we guarantee you’re going to have a great time!