Rusty Lions is an expert powder coating NJ company. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers with superior finishing.


Our top-quality powder coating services extend to industrial and architectural sectors. Our environmentally-friendly powder coating is electrostatically applied and can finish surfaces including aluminum, glass, steel, and other metals.


Powder Coating Services We Offer

At Rusty Lions, we're the most reliable company in New Jersey, providing the following powder coating services:


  • Nylon and vinyl
  • Insulation
  • Custom coating
  • Cerakote and other specialty coatings
  • Architectural
  • OEM


The superiority of Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a far superior finish to surfaces as compared to liquid paint. They offer more durability and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, impact, and wear. You can reduce the risks of corrosion, chipping, exposure to chemicals or ultraviolet rays, and regular wear issues with powder coating.


But the benefits of powder coating don't end here. It also has a more effective dying and curing process, leaves no wastage, and produces less exhaust than wet paint. Powder coating comes in multiple colors and textures that are capable of a durable and thicker finish.


Additionally, you can also save costs in the long run as powder coating has greater material utilization with a reusable overspray. All this, coupled with its negligible impact on the environment, makes it a better choice for finishing surfaces than wet paint.


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