A neurodevelopmental disorder known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)/ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) affects children and adolescents worldwide and frequently lasts into adulthood. Inability to maintain focus, impulsive behaviour, and hyperactivity are characteristics of ADHD/ADD.


Children with ADHD may also struggle with poor academic achievement, troubled relationships, and low self-esteem. Sometimes, symptoms improve with age. However, some people never fully recover from their ADHD symptoms. However, with the right therapies, ADHD can be treated in children and they can learn efficient coping techniques. Early diagnosis and treatment can have a significant impact on the outcome.


The expert child psychiatrist Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, known for providing the best ADHD treatment in Wales, has provided crucial insights related to ADHD in Children and its related aspects. Continue reading for more insights. 


Symptoms of ADHD in Children


The major traits of ADHD include inattention and impulsive, hyperactive behaviour. ADHD symptoms start before the age of twelve, and in some children, they become noticeable as early as age three. ADHD symptoms could be mild, moderate, or severe and last throughout adulthood.


Males are more likely than females to have ADHD, and behaviours between boys and girls can vary. For instance, boys might be more energetic, and girls might favour peaceful indifference.


Three variations of ADHD exist:


  • Largely ignoring what is going on. The majority of symptoms can be categorised as being inattentive.
  • Mostly impulsive and very busy. Impulsivity and hyperactivity are the predominant symptoms.
  • Combined. Inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive symptoms coexist in this condition.


What May Lead to ADHD/ADD in Children and Adolescents?


The causes of ADHD/ADD in children and teenagers can range widely. 


  • Genetic Considerations: Genetics and ADHD/ADD are closely related. There is frequently a family history of ADHD/ADD symptoms.
  • Decrease in Dopamine: It is associated with decreased dopamine and noradrenaline neurotransmitter activity in particular brain areas.
  • Environmental Variables: Premature birth, extremely low birth weight, drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, and other environmental variables all raise the risk of developing ADHD/ADD.
  • Other Factors: Children with learning challenges, genetic diseases, emotional/behavioral difficulties, or early life traumas like adoption can also exhibit behaviours like ADHD/ADD.


How is it Identified?


Talking to the child's teachers should be the parent's first move. Talk to the doctor or the school about getting referred to the neighbourhood NHS services (usually referred to as the Neurodevelopmental Team). A comprehensive mental state examination, information from the child or adolescent during a psychiatric interview, use of pertinent questionnaires (as needed), collateral information from family/caregivers, school, and other sources, as well as the results of these factors, are used to make the diagnosis.


How is it Treated?


At Wales Psychiatry Centre, multimodal therapy is the most effective technique to treat ADHD/ADD, used by Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, one of the best psychiatrists in Wales. Age and intensity may have an impact on it. The available treatment includes:


  • Medication
  • Psychological treatments like CBT
  • Behavioural modifications
  • Based interventions in schools
  • Controlling risks related to ADD/ADHD
  • Controlling concurrent conditions
  • Clinical review regularly.


To provide comprehensive treatment, the expert psychiatrist suggests a thorough diagnosis of the child suspected of suffering from ADHD. As every human being is different, thus the symptoms may vary from child to child. Therefore, individualized treatment should be tailored to the child’s needs.


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