Some shooters can be surprisingly, even fiercely, defensive of the brands they will (and will not) run through their guns.

All you need to do is bring up TulAmmo or some other steel or aluminum-cased ammo line to hear the fireworks fly. Superstitions range from “they’re dirty, and steel cases will ruin your chamber,” to the somewhat true, “you can’t reload aluminum cases, so what’s the point.”

It goes without saying that many shooters prefer Remington, Federal, Hornady, Winchester, and other well-established brands.

Another is Norma - which, for well over a century, has earned its spot of repute in the small arms industry.

Why Norma?

Even among contenders like Winchester and Remington, Norma is a name that stands out. Established in 1902, Norma has become one of the leading ammunition manufacturers in the world, with a history of producing high-quality ammunition for both military and civilian use. Let’s take a closer look at what defines their ammunition.

Norma Tactical ammunition is made with only the highest quality materials and components. Norma utilizes only the best raw materials, such as copper, lead, and steel, and all components are inspected for quality and accuracy. Norma also uses a proprietary powder coating process, which helps reduce barrel wear and helps maintain consistent velocities.

Norma ammunition is designed to be accurate and reliable. Norma utilizes a wide variety of bullet designs, from heavy match bullets to light varmint bullets, to ensure that shooters get the most out of their ammunition. Norma also uses advanced loading techniques, such as neck-sizing and flash-hole-tapping, to ensure that the ammunition is consistent and accurate.

Norma ammunition is designed to perform in a variety of conditions. Norma ammunition is designed to be consistent in both hot and cold weather conditions, and it is resistant to moisture and corrosion. Norma ammo also performs admirably in a wide range of action types and firearms, from bolt and lever action repeaters to autoloaders.

Norma ammo is designed to be safe to use, even in the most extreme conditions. It is also loaded with non-corrosive propellant charges and primers, which helps ensure that firearms remain in good condition. Many a shooter has lost a good barrel to the ravages of corrosive load components - but Norma, unlike some less reputable brands, is free from these risks.

Additionally, and on top of the use of the high-quality components mentioned above, Norma ammunition, not only their rifle but their handgun ammunition, is loaded into high-quality brass casings that are not only corrosion-resistant themselves but which offer the highest performance in reloadability.

In that way, the Norma ammo you buy today can yield enjoyment long down the line, especially if you are considering taking up reloading.

And, moreover, in this current atmosphere of regional (and nationwide) ammo shortages and inflated prices, no one would blame you if you considered branching out from your norm (if you can excuse the pun.)

Maybe you’ve always been a Federal 7.62 shooter - and that’s alright, but if the local shelves are bare of Federal Premium and American Eagle, but you can find Norma 7.62, consider running some through your gun the next time you’re at the range. Over 100 years of experience and consistent shooter feedback suggest you will not be disappointed.

Where Can You Get Norma 7.62, 9mm, .22, and Other Popular Loads?

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And yes, for you die-hard fan loyalists, they also carry Federal, Winchester, ICC, and other popular lines.

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