If you are looking for the lowest cost desert quad bike safari in Dubai, then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of companies in the city that provide such services. However, which one do you choose? Choosing the right company is important because it will make a huge difference to the experience you get out of the trip.

Dune Bashing


If you want to experience the thrill of the deserts of Dubai, you should definitely consider going on a Desert Quad Bike Safari. This type of tour is perfect for all members of the family. It is an action packed day out that features a dune bashing ride and a quad bike ride. Guests will also have the chance to take photos of the desert scenery.


The best time to go on a desert safari is during the daytime. However, you can still have a great time if you opt for an evening trip. During the evening, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset and sandboarding.


Dubai bike Safaris are a popular activity for tourists visiting Dubai. These tours are generally organized by hotels or tour companies.


Depending on the package, guests will be picked up from their hotel or resort. In the case of an overnight trip, they can also be picked up from the airport. Typically, these trips begin at about three in the afternoon.

Safety Concerns


When planning a desert safari in Dubai, there are a few safety concerns to consider. Even though the desert is a great place to visit, you need to be careful in case you fall ill or suffer an accident. You also need to make sure that you've got the right travel insurance to protect you from any unexpected expenses.


There are many different activities to choose from when you're visiting the UAE. Some of the most popular include quad biking, dune bashing and water parks.


Quad biking is a fun activity that allows you to sand blast your way through the desert. These bikes have four wheels, handlebars and low pressure tires to help you navigate through the rough terrain.


Dune bashing is another thrilling adventure. It is not advisable for pregnant women or people with heart conditions. If you're interested in trying dune bashing, be sure to follow the warning signs.


The best time to go on a desert safari is in November and April. These months have pleasant temperatures and offer an opportunity to explore the culture of the Bedouin.

Cost Per Person


The cost of desert quad bike safari in Dubai depends on several factors. These include the power of your quad, the duration of your ride, and the other activities you're involved in. It's a great way to get out and see the sights of the Arabian Desert.


If you're looking for a fun, adrenaline rush, you can't go wrong with a quad bike safari. This is a great activity for families and couples alike.


A desert quad bike tour in Dubai is an exciting adventure, but you need to be prepared to drive through the dunes. Before you start, be sure to get some comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes. Also, you should know where to go and how to get there.


The cost of a desert quad bike safari in Dubai varies from AED 270 ($73) to AED 2000 ($545). However, you should only participate in a quad ride if you're at least 12 years old.

Camel Rides


One of the most popular activities on a desert tour in Dubai is camel rides. The experience is great for beginners and experienced riders alike. It can be enjoyed on the ground, on ATVs or through the sand.


A desert tour includes a safety briefing and a ride in a comfortable four-wheel drive vehicle. You will also be provided with unlimited refreshments throughout the trip.


Desert tours are available as shared or private options. Some tours begin before sunrise and others end at night. These excursions grant you more time to participate in other activities. Depending on the tour, you can choose from sandboarding, dune bashing and camel riding.


There are various companies in Dubai offering camel rides. Most pick you up from your hotel and take you to the desert. If you prefer a private tour, you can hire a camel and driver.


Camel rides are often accompanied by other activities like belly dancing or henna painting. This is a wonderful way to explore the desert and get a glimpse of Bedouin life.