Although most reviews have been positive, they are not reliable and we were not sure what to expect when we placed our order. The deadline was 14 days and it was four pages of Business projects. Educibly claims that it can accept orders up to a one-hour deadline. This is a false claim. No company could do this. There are no chances that the order can be placed into a database, found a writer and then read the instructions. Then again, it might take less than 60 minutes to follow these instructions. Although the company does warn that it may not be able to find a skilled specialist within this timeframe, we don't see any reason to offer this option. No summary generator or conclusion maker was found.
 These tools are helpful for students and show the company's commitment to helping them. Although there is a blog, it only has 3 articles. This is not particularly impressive. There are also samples available. They are of good quality but only 6 options.
Educibly received some negative reviews, which included comments about lateness. Unfortunately, this was something we had to experience. The paper arrived almost a day after it was due. Managers offered us a generic excuse, and they didn't seem invested in making amends. We were deeply disappointed by the quality of the product when we received it. We were disappointed by the inconsistencies, awkward transitions and lack of thesis. 
Grammar errors and issues with punctuation were also evident. We didn't know who wrote it so we requested a revision. Although the essay was deemed unacceptable by managers, the revised version took another week and looked almost the same. Although the thesis was published, all other documents contained unacceptable errors. We were extremely frustrated.
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