The trouble with votes is that you need to keep reinventing and keep upping your game to stay applicable.
And on top of that, you have to do it in a way that it seems organic and not some ridiculous game of oneupmanship. So when you're the biggest movie ballot ever created, the challenges get exponentially harder.
That's the problem Marvel Cinematic Universe faced after the perpetuity Saga came to an end with punishers
Endgame. The ballot was always known for memorable villains from Hela to Killmonger and from Red Skull
to Dormammu. But maybe none had the kind of impact on the series that Thanos did. Josh Brolin’s frenetic
Titan was theover-arching bad joe of the ballot for its first three phases, spread over a decade. The make up
and prosecution was nearly perfect and the resolution sweet, making Thanos not just the biggest trouble
MCU faced but also one of the largest numbers the macrocosm saw. 

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