A portable data terminal, PDT for short, is an electronic apparatus that is used to key in or extract data using wireless transmission technology like WWAN or WLAN. Since the device is driven by wireless technology, it can access data even from remote locations. What is more, the portability allows it to be carried to the point of activity and facilitate data collection.


A PDT is widely used to power wireless device management software so that they can interact with any software or database application that has been installed on a server or a mainframe computer. PDTs are also used as barcode readers; they thus have widespread application in large departmental and retail stores, hospitals, and warehouses. Here they are used along with data collection application programs and aid in inventory and stock management.


A portable data terminal, as the name suggests, is a portable and lightweight device that can store a huge amount of data. These pint-sized dynamites run on rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and are sturdy enough to withstand rough handling and transportation. Most portable data terminals from reputed manufacturers flaunt ergonomic shapes and designs that can be stuffed anywhere during transit. Some terminals designed exclusively to perform in storehouses, retail sales, and stock distribution.


The supreme functionality of a portable data terminal stems from the powerful microprocessor that is fitted inside and an operating system that allows the device to perform in real time, support the tools and applications that are installed, and facilitate connectivity. The terminals that will be used in retail areas are driven by the latest mobile computing technologies and provide an enticing gamut of scanning options that incorporate features belonging to standard, long range and  data collection terminal advanced scanners and linear and 2D imagers. The portable data terminal devices are also fitted with easy-to-see and well-lit QVGA display screens so that you do not have to squint to read on the screen even in dim light.


You can buy the many PDT accessories that flock the market: a GPS carrying case that will protect your device, some even come with swivel clips; cradle to rest your device in; an Ethernet CF card with low strength; or a socket GPS AC power supply apparatus along with adapters that will cater to the requirements of Australian or European customers.