A person's everyday life can be negatively impacted in various ways by untreated attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which can manifest as biological and environmental variables. This also applies to their relationships. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 2.5% of adults and 8.4% of children have ADHD.


It's critical to recognize the signs of adult ADHD to receive appropriate care. Keep reading to find out more about these symptoms and the effective treatment. These crucial points are shared by Dr. Raman Sakhuja, a leading adult psychiatrist known for providing the best Adult ADHD treatment in Wales. The expert psychiatrist practices at Wales Psychiatry Centre, the leading psychiatry centre in Wales. 


Symptoms of Adult ADHD:


  • People with this condition struggle with attention, ranging from inadequate attention, which can emerge as an inability to focus and pay attention to things for extended periods, to hyper-focused attention on specific projects that they find interesting.

  • The symptoms of hyperactivity and/or impulsivity include having a lot of energy, feeling compelled to be busy all the time, and having trouble relaxing because the mind is continually on the move. Along with their internal restlessness and agitation, people may also show external signs of fidgetiness, difficulty sitting still, and a persistent desire to move.

  • Impulsivity normally occurs as speaking without thinking, making snap judgements, buying on impulse, having an impatient attitude, and engaging in impulsive behaviours in daily life, such as being unable to wait in lines, getting angry in traffic, and many other behaviours. The brain's "stop button," which permits most people to halt, reflect, and act, appears to be malfunctioning, which is why people struggle to regulate their impulses.

According to the doctor, these are some symptoms for which people visit our facility for advanced ADHD Treatment in Wales.


Treatment for Adult ADHD


  • Dr. Raman Sakhuja, the expert psychiatrist screens for the condition using advanced neuroscience-based technology. The screening test, known as QbCheck, is a computer-based continuous performance task that measures several aspects of activity, reaction time, and attentional errors and can be shared with the patient and examined objectively. The monitoring of subsequent treatments is another use for this test.

  • After the screening, a thorough, structured interview is conducted to gather information regarding the early years of development and schooling. The assessment's main goals are to rule out any possible consequent conditions, such as emotional dysregulation as a symptom of a personality disorder or mood disorder, to rule out the possibility of a psychotic illness, and to identify any co-morbid conditions, such as autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other conditions.

  • Sleep screening is done as part of the examination since sleep issues are frequently associated with ADHD. The doctor would offer to conduct a more thorough and in-depth assessment of sleep utilizing structured sleep instruments and Actigraphy if it is determined that sleep is affecting or influencing the symptoms of ADHD. Based on the findings, sleep optimization and treatments are also provided.

Adult ADHD treatment is a multimodal treatment for ADHD that involves a variety of approaches, such as medication, sleep optimization, self-help materials and support groups, psychological interventions, dietary assistance, and neurofeedback.

If one is experiencing any of the above-stated symptoms, one can consult the best adult psychiatrist in Wales, Dr. Raman Sakhuja, at Wales Psychiatry Centre, one of the best Psychiatry Clinics in Wales. Book a consultation at the centre now to avail the benefits of these treatments!