This post will introduce you 5 essential oilfield rig tools.


  • Sand Pumps


One of the numerous pumps used in oilfield drilling is the sand pump, which is used to move deposits away from the drilling site.


Any particles that touch the surface's grooves will be removed and sent somewhere else through a network of pipes. In addition to maintaining and cleaning tanks, sand pumps replace the need of other machinery or manual labor to move particles away from the location of the oilfield.


  • Shale Shaker


The most crucial part of a rig's solids separation and control system is the shaker, which separates the mud from the cuttings. The mud is used to cool the drill bit once the separation has occurred. By segregating mud disposal, drilling costs and environmental effect can be reduced.


  • Mud Cleaners


Using the mud that has been extracted from the cuttings, the drill bit is cooled. Mud cleaners work to keep the drilling fluids (mud) clean so that the drill can operate without interruption.


  • Degassers


Degassers are necessary to remove gases from the oilfield, including carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide.


  • Blowout Preventers


Blowout preventers are among the most essential pieces of oil rig equipment because they shield people from dangerous blowouts and guarantee their safety


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