The 4-3-3 is a form of football that some players prefer not play, because striker could be isolated. But for those who prefer a more slow and FIFA 23 Coins moving style of play or generally enjoy playing a possession game, this formation could be their first selection of set-ups.

The primary area of attack with this formation is the midfield. Outnumbering your opponent is crucial in this case. The triggers for L1/LB push your midfielders forward . The use of one-two passing is vital to ensure the success of this form of play.

Certain FIFA players are also inclined to use the 4-3-3 as a way to take out midfielders when they are trying to defend a lead. They prefer to place their three midfielders tightly in the central area.

The most important thing to note about 5-1-2-2 is the CDM. The CDM was a key element in previous editions. FIFA 5-1-2, variants of 5-3-2/5-2-5-1-2/5-4-1 didn't have an out-and out CDM. A gap was created between midfielders and defensive line led to these formations being more offensive in their outlook.

The new system in FIFA 23, the CDM 5-1-2 has changed this set-up completely. This formation allows your wing-backs to attack and when they go forward, they are relatively unmarked.

It's not just about having width down the flanks, you can also attack with a narrow system but also defensively steady with a backline that is five strong, a stable CDM and two midfielders in the centre as defensive back-up.

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