Anthony was standing there lost in thought when he was startled to see the Inspector of Combat standing beside him, and he was awakened from his meditation. There was no sound before the inspector came. He seems to have fallen from the sky. Where did you come from? Anthony asked irritably. The inspector's head tilted, meaning the glade behind him. This afternoon, it seems to be a place that everyone likes, "Anthony said." Were you lost in thought, Mr. Cade? "I really want to be in a trance.". You know what I'm doing? Battle? I'm trying to figure out how to add up two plus one and five plus three to make it four. But, fight, it is impossible, simply impossible. "That would be difficult." The detective agreed. Fight? You're the one I'm looking for. I'm going to get out of here, okay? 。 Always true to his own creed, the inspector expressed neither excitement nor surprise. His answer was easy and practical. That depends, sir. See where you want to go. I tell you the truth, fight, and I will show my hand. I am going to Dinas,Theobromine Powder, France, to the castle of the Countess Bredules. Can this be done? 。“ When do you want to go, Mr. Cade? "Tomorrow, for instance, after the autopsy.". I'll be back by Sunday evening. "I understand," said the inspector,Sex Enhancement Powder, looking particularly steady. So, is it good or not? "I have no objection, provided you go where you say you will, and come straight back here." "You are a rare man, fighting.". You don't like me very much, but you are very deep. Which one is it? The inspector smiled and did not answer. All right, all right. Anthony said. I think you will be very cautious. Prudent legal minions will stalk me as a shady character. Very good. But I wish I knew what it was all about. "I don't know what you mean, Mr. Cade." "The Memoir, which is the cause of so much trouble." 。 Is that just a memoir? Or do you have something else up your sleeve? An inspector smiled and did not answer. Think of it this way. I'll do you a favor. It's because you've made a good impression on me, Mr. Cade. I'd like you to work with me on this case. A guest detective and a professional detective can work well together. One is familiar with the case and the other is experienced. "Well, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quillaja Saponin," said Antony slowly. I confess that I have always wanted to try to expose the secret of a murder case. "Any thoughts on the case, Mr. Cade?" "A lot of ideas," Anthony said. But most of them are questions. "Like what?" For example, Michael has been killed. Who will carry on his legacy now? I was just wondering, sir, if you thought of that. Prince Nicolas O'paul Vicky was next in line to the throne. He is the cousin of this gentleman. 。” So where is he now?! Anthony asked, turning to light a cigarette. Don't tell me you don't know, fight, because I won't believe it. "We have reason to believe that he is now in the United States.". In any case, until recently, he was there. He is raising money to fulfill his hope. Anthony whistled in surprise. I see what you mean. Anthony said. Michael is supported by Britain and Nicola is supported by the United States. In both countries there are plutocrats who want the privilege of buying oil. The royalists have elected Michael as their alternate. They're going to find someone else. There was much gnashing of teeth on the part of Eshastan and his company and George Lomax. 。 Now Wall Street is rejoicing. Am I right? "You said exactly the same thing." Said the Inspector General of Combat. Uh Anthony said. I could almost swear I knew what you were doing in that glade. The detective smiled, but there was no answer. International politics is fascinating. Anthony said. But I'm afraid I have to go now. I have a date with someone in the classroom. He strode briskly toward the building. He asked the sanctimonious Tredway, and he showed him the way to the classroom. He knocked on the door and was greeted by screaming children. Cluck and Shuo immediately hurried past him, ready to introduce him to the teacher. For the first time, Anthony felt a twinge of doubt. Miss Prynne was a short, middle-aged woman, with a pale face, salt-and-pepper hair, and a moustache that had just sprouted over her lips! If she is the famous foreign adventuress, she doesn't fit in at all. I think, "he thought," I'm making a fool of myself. It doesn't matter. I have to hold on to the end now. He did his best to please the teacher. On her part, she had a beautiful young man come to the classroom, obviously very happy. The meal was very enjoyable. But that night, when Anthony was alone in the beautiful bedroom assigned to him, he shook his head repeatedly. I was wrong. He thought to himself. I was wrong the second time. I don't know. I can't understand it. He was pacing back and forth when he suddenly stopped. What on earth is.. Anthony was about to say. The door opened softly. In a twinkling of an eye, a man slipped in and stood respectfully in the doorway. He was a big, fair-skinned man with a thick build, high Slavic cheekbones, and dreamy, feverish eyes. Who the hell are you? Asked Antony, looking at him intently. The man answered in perfect English. I'm Boris Anchochov. 。” "Prince Michael's valet, isn't he?" "Yes, I served my master. He is dead,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and now I serve you." "Thank you," said Antony, "but I don't need a valet." You are my master now. I will serve you faithfully. 。