What is sex therapy? Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that couples can undergo together or that individuals can seek out on their own.


Type of sex Therapy? 

  1. Talk therapy: Talk therapy is the primary method of sex therapy, where people can talk about their problems and how to solve them. 
  2.  Sensate Focus: Sensate is a behavioural form of sex therapy that details couples' relationships and completes behavioural exercises.

Sex thrapy can help you to prevent problems while having sex. sex therapy helps both individuals and couples.it can also help with sexual dysfunction such as pain during sex, premature ejaculation, desire disorder etc..


Benefits of sex Therapy

  1. It can improve the intimacy between you and your partner
  2. Having sex at least once a week improves your relationship
  3.  It can help better communication regarding sexual life. Sex therapy never involves any physical contact or nudity with sex therapist. Every time they will suggest you hands or practicals at home. 




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