Banjara Market Gurgaon is very famous for home decor items and furniture collection. There is huge collection of items is available in Banjara market with high quality. There is very large space of this market and this market is almost 20 years old. It best place to shop Home Decor Items, Furniture, Accessories, Photo Frames and many more things at the cheapest price.


Beautiful Home Decor items available in Banjara Market Gurgaon

  1. Table Sets

A wooden coffee table or working desk gives very nice feel to your room. This Banjara Market Gurgaon has a huge collection of table sets that come in various styles and designs. The price is very reasonable but if you want to bargain you can bargain.

  1. Small storages & Chest

Small storages are available for keeping your small things. From large size to small size storage cabinets are available. You can keep these small storage boxes on your bedsides.

  1. Mirrors

If you are getting bored of your regular plain mirrors at home than Banjara Market is best for you to makeover your mirror. You will get very attractive and nice collection of mirrors there.

  1. Lanterns & Candle stands

 If you love lights and candles then you must go to this market to see the amazing variety of lanterns and candles. There is huge variety of lanterns from cutwork metal lanterns to earthen lanterns.

  1. Watering Cans & Pots

Plants are very essential it gives very fresh look to your space. When you have plants in your home then watering cans & pots are very important. You can find various varieties of pots from small sixe to large size.


  1. Wall Ornaments & Photo Frames

What’s completing your wall look if you didn’t put any frames or wall ornaments? By putting these frames and ornaments your wall looks complete and gives very nice look to your room. You get very vibrant frames in all sizes and colors.

  1. Boxes, Trays & Coasters

Boxes are very useful in our day to day life to put little stuff. You find nice collection of Trays and coasters in Banjara Market Gurgaon. There are some mirror work coasters, wooden coasters, beaded coaster in all size and shape.


Can I Shop Online From Banjara Market?

Yes, you can shop online, there are many vendors that provide you the facility to shop through online medium. There are so many pages available on instagram from you can buy stuff online.


Banjara Market is ideal for


There are lots of people who visit this market for renovation purpose of their house. As the material is cheap in the market, people also buy theme based furniture items for their homes to look their home beautiful.

Is Banjara Market pocket friendly?


This is one of the most asked questions. So, the answer is yes, this market is very pocket-friendly. The price of items is good, but if you check out the same item’s price on any other platform then you will find Banjara Market very pocket friendly.