Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwaal – Changing the Wave of Beer Trends

The last two years of pandemic situation that resulted in a Lockdown and of course loss of jobs in varied sectors, has become a revolutionary time to begin a number of stores, startups, and options or business ventures. Beer and other breweries were limited, but a change started from the pandemic time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a change was noticed in the sale of beer – the quick uptick in beer sales changed the way. On the other hand, non-alcoholic brews started making new headlines. Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwaal from Canada – A sober carpenter noticed a lot more in this domain. He knew well that Non-Alcoholic offerings were limited at best, and their flavour profiles left something to be desired.

Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwaal came up with an idea with NA or Non-Alcoholic – stirring up a buzz in the beverage industry with many styles to choose from. NA Beers taste just as good as traditional beers, but they are non-alcoholic and liked a lot by everyone. Spurring this change has been the ongoing pandemic and consumers are looking for healthier options of indulgence across categories, including beer. Now, people are making healthier decisions regarding what they eat and drink. This is the main reason behind the increasing demand for non-alcoholic beers. Mathieu Gagnon-Oosterwaalcame with Blue Spike to help you get something of your favourite flavour and non-alcoholic. Now, you can browse the site or know about the making process before placing your order.