Getting new custom made garage doors or upgrading the existing garage doors is a work that requires careful consideration.

It is not a small investment, and one should keep factors like location and resale value in mind before putting your money into such decisions.

This blog is written to help you comprehend some key factors to consider before purchasing new garage doors for your home. 


Location Of Your Residence

Being extremely heavy, the new custom made garage doors require all the necessary hardware and tracking for installation, which depends heavily on your location.

The weather conditions and climate safety requirements may make it essential to add more bracing or other installation specifications.

Your garage door may be affected by more variables than just wind and water. Your garage door's orientation can also have an impact.

If your garage door faces the sun, air exiting from the garage is more likely to heat up your home and garage. If this applies to you, you might want to think about getting an insulated garage door to boost the energy efficiency of your entire home.

custom made garage doors


Efficient Energy Consumption


It is a known fact that custom products cost more than generalised products, and garage doors are no exception. The increased prices are not only for show; they do provide additional features that make your doors more functional.

For instance, a typical garage door would not save you as much in utilities as a custom door will. A high energy-efficient custom door will not only keep the space around the garage heat insulated but also save you a tremendous amount of money on energy bills. 

Market Value

Any addition to your home inevitably adds to the market value of your property. So, before making any investment decisions for your home, evaluate your home's value and then decide whether the return justifies the investment. 

Type Of Door

The ultimate cost value of your custom door depends on the build, design and type of door you choose. Some common door types include:

  1. Aluminium doorsGood option for wet climates; they are lightweight but come with a heavier price tag.
  2. Steel: offers variety in colours, style and insulation. These make a good investment as they come in flexible price ranges and are strong and lightweight.
  3. Wood Composite: these add to a classic look but are less durable when compared to others. The plus point is wide availability and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Fibreglass: they make an excellent choice due to their durability and protection against most climatic elements. These are unsuitable only in places with freezing temperatures.
  5. Vinyl: These are low-maintenance, rust-proof and an excellent choice for visual appeal, with the only drawback of being expensive. 
  6. Carriage House Doors: these cost a lot less than the general perception and add a lot of appeal to your aesthetics.



Investing in custom made garage doors require serious consideration, and keeping the above points in mind can help you make an intelligent decision.