Immigration consultants are helping people who have legal questions or concerns with their immigration cases. They offer services such as explaining the rules on non-citizenship, serving as a translator, and helping immigrants apply for visas(Education Consultants For USA in Chandigarh). Depending on the type of services they provide, they may be paid by hourly rates or fixed fees and their services may include consulting with attorneys or judges.

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Immigration consultants advise private companies and individuals on a wide range of immigration issues. They conduct research, collect evidence, represent clients in administrative hearings, advise clients on their options, and advocate before government agencies as well as the courts.

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They offer advice that includes: determining eligibility for business or residence classifications; arranging temporary visas; preparing applications for permanent residency status and naturalization; planning to manage an immigrant investor program or EB-5 visa program; planning to file for work permits for foreign workers.

Have you ever dreamed of studying in the United States? There are many schools that offer study abroad opportunities, but depending on your home country, you may need a visa to do so. To help ease your transition into life as an international student in the US, we’ve put together this list of visas for students who want to study abroad in the USA study visa. This includes visa types for general, business and language trainees. The application process varies by state, but most schools require a fee or tuition payment before processing an application.

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