What Is Minimalist Interior Design Renovation Style? | 7 Tips to Implement It

Interior Design Renovation Style 

It’s tempting to need to jump on the upgrade train. If done right, remodelling your living space can be an intelligent investment, adding equity to your home. In reality, knocking down walls and introducing granite countertops is more challenging than it appears on TV. Home projects can become complicated, with many elements to consider (and potential questions that can catch you by surprise). If you desire to renovate your home but are unsure where to begin, experts agree that the primary thing to get done is to characterize your vision and needs, then hire pros to do the demolishing and heavy lifting.

As we settle into the second year of living through Covid-19 and the ensuing property boom, our homes remain in the spotlight more than ever. Whether you’re planning to sell, downsize or trade up, a renovation is on the cards. Whether you’re just upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, or doing something more substantial like an extension, ask anyone who’s been through a reno, and they’ll warn you that it’s a rollercoaster. From council headaches and building delays to material shortages and unexpected discoveries (hello, rising damp or asbestos), the fact is, even the simplest-seeming renovations can blow out your Budget and tamper with your sanity.

So how does one avoid unexpected or nasty surprises? While some issues, like old, leaky plumbing, are unavoidable, many problems can easily be avoided by proper planning and due diligence from the outset.


Four renovation gurus give their best advice for embarking on a home renovation project. From designing and planning to first-timer tips to hiring the best contractor, these pointers will get you started on the overwhelming process of updating your abode. If you’ve been considering renovating your space, read this first; it could help you avoid costly mistakes (and a few headaches) along the way.


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