Looking to inspire your workforce and take team productivity up a notch? Believe it or not, it might be as easy as refreshing your office sign system.

Read on to learn 3 ways to boost workplace productivity with custom office signs, or call (972)-428-3200 to speak directly with an office sign designer in Carrollton, TX.

1.  Improve Wayfinding At Work With Custom Office Signs

The sooner your employees, guests, and VIPs find the conference room, the sooner the brainstorming can begin. The best office signs get people exactly where they need to be, fast, so you get the most out of your employees’ time in the office. They also reinforce your brand’s character, so that your customers, partners, and employees know exactly who they’re working with—and they remember your name when people start asking for recommendations.

From the moment your guests and employees arrive on the premises, our sign systems can guide them every step of the way, right from their parking space, through the lobby, and straight into their meeting or work station, without delays or wayfinding frustrations.

2.  Unlock The Power Of Biophilic Design With Custom Office Signs

Biophilic design theory suggests that we can “increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions.” This sense of connectivity with the natural environment is associated with calm, clarity, and productivity in the workplace, and you can foster it by adding natural imagery to the office environment.

And while that might sound like a bunch of hooey, there is a growing number of studies backing the power of biophilic design. For instance, in one report comparing the relative benefits of “green space” (e.g. indoor spaces decorated with plants and office signs featuring verdant, pastoral images) with “lean space” (e.g. blank walls and simple, clean interiors), researchers Nieuwenhuis et al. (2014) found that biophilic designs boosts productivity by as much as 15%!

Looking at greenery all day appeared to boost brain power, lift office morale, and generally make the average employee more attentive.

If you want to unlock the power of biophilic design without crowding the space with a literal forest of potted plants, check out our selection of office signs. We can help you create calming, pro-productivity naturescapes with digital wall coverings, wall signs, posters, graphics, and more.

3.  Inspire Your Employees With Artistic Office Signs

It sounds like an oxymoron, but workplace distractions can actually boost employee productivity—as long as they’re the right kind, that is.

According to Dr. Craig Knight, who has studied the psychology of working environments for 12 years at the University of Exeter, “if the object of your distraction is a work of art, it can actually boost productivity, lower stress and increase wellbeing” (Brewer, 2016).

If you’re looking to harness the productivity-boosting power of art without paying gallery prices, get in touch with our team. We can decorate your office signage any way you please, even reproducing works of art in stunning color and flawless high-resolution, so you can transform your office signs into thought-provoking, creativity-stoking inspiration for your team.

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 Nieuwenhuis, M., Knight, C., Postmes, T., & Haslam, S. A. (2014). The relative benefits of green versus lean office space: Three field experiments. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied20(3), 199.