Your Mailbox Repair in Nashville may be the most vulnerable property you own. It contains personal data, credit offers and applications, and a world of personal information you do NOT want others to have. Your mail can include gifts and mail-order or online purchases.


Home Mailbox Repair in Nashville are easy to break into and rob. They're a perfect target for identity thieves. Every day, you receive a stack of mail offering opportunities to unscrupulous strangers and even trusted neighbors. Though a variety of "secure" mailbox designs have been available for decades, none of them has proven effective at preventing theft. They simply do not protect us as they should.


Modern communications and technology have made stealing mail a profitable activity. Few crimes create as much stress and heartache as identity theft, and few crimes are as difficult to prevent and detect. A good home mailbox that prevents easy break-in buys extra time and makes it more likely that potential thieves will be caught in the act. Brick Repair in Nashville


Few homeowners consider their mailbox when they install a security system. Yet, many people have become victims of credit card fraud and identity theft. Remember that an identity thief needs only one piece of mail with personal information to destroy your credit rating and make your life miserable.


It's time to include your mailbox in your security plan. Here are a few tips that will help you protect the valuable information your mailbox may contain.


* Pick up your mail as soon as it's delivered. Don't let mail sit idle in your mailbox, inviting thieves to make off with your personal information.


* Seek alternatives if you can't empty your mailbox frequently. If you travel a lot or find it difficult to get to the mailbox, consider renting a mailbox at the local post office or from a private mailing shop. This keeps your mail secure until you can get it. It's inexpensive and well worth the cost and trouble.


* Be sure to stop mail delivery when you are out of town. Like newspapers stacked on the porch, uncollected mail is a sure sign that you'll not be there to catch a thief. If you're away from home for more than a day or two, let the post office know not to deliver to you. For short-term absences, ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail for you.


* Consider replacing your Mailbox Repair in Nashville with a sturdy, well-constructed alternative. Choose a mailbox made from solid steel with a combination or electronic lock. If you think a steel mailbox will be too unattractive, you can buy or build an attractive container to keep your front yard appealing and secure your mail at the same time. Be sure to maintain your mailbox to keep it free of rust. Steel mailboxes are available at hardware stores and on the internet.