Let’s Unchain the Fear of Covid with Smart Home Security

People are trying to follow best practices to keep themselves and their families healthy during the Coronavirus Outbreak. They are worried about their safety hence, physically distancing themselves from others and staying home as much as possible. Studies show that germs can survive on surfaces for hours. In fact cold and flu viruses can thrive up to 18 hours before fully succumbing to atmosphere.

Well, for germ-free living, some solutions could be easier than you think. One of the best solution is having a Contact-free living. To avoid spreading the virus, it’s important to limit the face-to-face contact. This is possible with Smart Security System.

Smart Video Door Phone may help maintain social distance to keep you and others safe and healthy. Using this product, you can know who is at your doorstep hence, no more need to open your doors to the unknown. For an Instance, you have purchased groceries, takeouts, or the delivery person is here for drop off, you can avoid face-to-face contact and answer the door by using Smartphone app. It directly streams live video on your smartphone of a visitor at your doorstep and you can lock/unlock your digital door lock using smart phone app. You can also view and ask guests to wear mask and sanitise their hands before entering your premises. It has Doorbell Cameras with night vision which helps provide high definition video even in the dark. You can also execute the identity recognition for your daily visitors such as servants, milkman etc. With the help of face recognition or QR code access.

Another best solution is reducing the number of objects you touch. To avoid touching some items and surfaces in your home leads to even more protection from spreading germs.

The Security app installed on your smartphone allows you to control multiple smart devices, which means you won’t need to directly touch the numerous switches and controllers. This minimises the likelihood of sharing germs with others in your home. It can also allow the arming and disarming of other security systems. Such as turning on/off the light switches, disarming the security system at garage door, closing the garage and many more. Thus, no need to touch switches and control panels.

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Therefore, With the help of Smart Home Security Products, we can lead a germ-free living to some extent and keep our people and home safe during these outbreak.

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