Because during transit, storage, and usage, transformer oil frequently becomes contaminated with moisture and mechanical contaminants. The performance of the transformer oil is impacted when contaminants like moisture are mixed in, and the viscosity of the oil is decreased. This has an effect on the functionality and lifespan of mechanical equipment. The secret to maintaining a transformer's dependability, performance, and lifespan is filtering its oil.


Vacuum oil filters have the following responsibilities: Insulating oil for transformers should be free of moisture, dissolved gases, and particles that build up over time.

  1. Capable of handling fresh oil.
  2. Filtering is another option for oil that has gotten old after use.


Application of vacuum oil filters: YUNENG's vacuum oil filters can be used in a variety of power plants, power stations, railroads, and other industrial and mining businesses for the filtering of electric insulation oil, vacuum oil filling, and vacuum drying. Additionally, the acid removal, decolorization, decarbonization, and dielectric loss functions of this vacuum oil filter can be improved when combined with the transformer oil regeneration machine's decolorization device.

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