Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC gives numerous kinds gear on lease to lodgings. The gear range from weighty apparatuses likes ovens, cutting lights, shawarma machines, chocolate wellsprings, scraping dishes, hot cupboards, upstanding chillers, chest coolers, drink show chillers and nursery warmers to little machines like enlistment burners, pots, soup tureens, candy floss machines, popcorn machines, frozen yogurt machines and squeeze distributors.

The party gear on lease range from china to incidental things like nursery umbrellas and tents. The glasses in stock are to be specific highball glasses, tumblers, martini glasses, tequila shot glasses, margarita glasses, lager pilsners, white wine, red wine, champagne woodwinds, juice glasses and water cups.

The different providing food things accessible in lease from Pink Pepper Catering Services can be utilized for a wide range of events. The things accessible are garden radiators, garden umbrellas, tents, receptacles, fog fans, air coolers, platform, ice cool boxes, cambro boxes and so on.

Pink Pepper is the best supplier of occasion types of gear for rentals in Dubai. We give assortment of types of gear, for example, chiller trucks, china, cutlery, grill sets, scraping dishes, porcelain, table cover and last yet not the least kitchen supplies rental Dubai. For any occasion the quality and uniqueness of the types of gear is vital and we give you huge list from where you can choose plans of your decision.


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