Scandinavian interior design is having a big moment lately, and there are plenty of reasons for it. The style encourages minimalism, making it perfect for those who live in small spaces. It also emphasizes cleanliness, airiness, and highlights the beauty of nature, creating a calm and soothing atmosphere.

If you feel that your living or working environment needs more of any of the above, Scandinavian interior design might just be for you. This article breaks down everything you need to know about this popular style, and how to incorporate its principles into your abode:

What are the elements of Scandinavian interior design?
“Less is more”

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by this popular adage, leaning fully into furnishings and decorations that are minimalist yet functional and impactful. Everything in the home must have its proper place and serve a specific purpose.

References to Nordic lifestyle
Living the Nordic way means being joyful, thoughtful, and stress-free. There is a special kind of importance given to keeping spaces neat and tidy, and furnishing spaces in a functional, streamlined way.

Celebrating organics
Some of the most common elements of Scandinavian interior design include organic shapes and natural materials. This comes from the fact that many people from the region lived in small and isolated rural communities where they had to depend on natural materials. Scandinavian people often find beauty in the various colors and patterns in nature, incorporating it into their homes, furniture, and clothing.

The concept of hygge
Hygge refers to one of the Danish people’s defining characteristics–they aspire to be comfortable and cozy, surrounded by those closest to them, to achieve warmth and contentment. They find joy in small things, and therefore can live with little.

Scandinavian design ideas to lean into right now
Choose furnishings that put function before form

In Scandinavian interior design, furnishings are chosen thoughtfully so that they all serve a purpose. Even decorative accents such as lamps should be functional. A modern LED floor lamp with shelves, such as the Alvis model from ATAMIN, embodies this philosophy fully. This modern LED floor lamp stands at 62.75 inches fully assembled, and is equipped with shelves that you can use to store small decorative items and mementoes.

Keep surfaces clutter-free
The minimalist nature of Scandinavian interior design means simplifying your space. Anything that you don’t actually use doesn’t need to be in your home; the same goes for any items you don’t need or want. Having less tchotchkes around creates an airier and more open environment that is also easier to clean.

Bring nature in
Big pieces of furniture that are made with natural materials and finished so that their inherent beauty shines through is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian interior design. The same also applies to accents and decorative items. You’ll want things that highlight the beauty of the world around you.

Use neutrals to your advantage
Scandinavian interior design keeps to a specific color palette that was chosen based on the conditions of that region. It is frequently cold there, and the nights are long, so people often choose white, gray, and tan to make their spaces feel brighter. Accent colors include muted and dark shades of blue, earthy green hues, and black, to emphasize clean lines. The best thing about using neutrals in your home is that everything goes together effortlessly, no matter what you add to the room.

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