Polymerize: Data Management Platform - Access And Manage All of Your Data, All of The Time

Data management is the solution that aids in making better decisions with real-time insights.  The team can collaborate more effectively with the systematic data management of departments with internal data sharing. Polymerize provides Data management that is not limited to data size and complexity with data security. The additional data management features that stand out in Polymerize are a customizable dashboard, an option for Metadata, data provenance, and data analysis. The owner of the project can get the complete 360º picture of the project in real time. The project owner can assist the researcher in deciding the process of achieving the desired objective. Polymerize provides Data management features for R&D, business users, and other departments, which can seamlessly enhance collaboration. The transparency of data insights within the project group can speed up the projects.

Modern Software for Data management

The tons of materials used in the past created pages of Data in the labs. The translation of the existing data with the updation of new data in the platforms can beneficiate the business in terms of time and money. No person has all the data. Also, the expert with a plethora of significant insight can be retired. Specialized data management software like Polymerize provides the benefits like a) Data transparency, b) Total Visibility, c) Data security, and d) Big data Management.

Due to the complexity, diversity, and data volume, organizations may encounter difficulties. Dedicated data management solutions aid businesses in reducing errors, boosting productivity, and ultimately producing better outcomes. It keeps up a system that makes it easier for users to handle their laborious data. The majority of initiatives necessitate close teamwork between many teams. Poor data processing and significant levels of human error may result from this. By putting into place, the proper data management procedures, the team can quickly resolve such issues and guarantee that everyone on the team is aware of any changes that are made. If something accidentally cancels another person's work, it can become traceable, and complete data transparency is permitted without the danger of human error. Data security in the exchange between groups can be dangerous, especially given its complexity and volume. An effective data management strategy allows for total protection without sacrificing openness.  A lack of data visibility severely hampers the software with the productivity of R&D. Modern database management systems of Polymerize enable complete data visibility and offer insights alongside it.

Polymerize Data management solutions:


Polymerize users can use the platform to examine data, get insightful knowledge, or even discover new connections between the desired objective. The data analysis required for R&D operations provided by the platform gives insights into the database.

Upload the prehistoric data with a customizable template in just one click. The spreadsheet's drag-and-drop upload implies that data don’t need to be modified according to the software. Polymerize provides a unique template for data uploading for prehistoric data, which eliminates the risk of data loss. Using prehistoric data to solve the current project objective by setting up a virtual workspace, Polymerize's cloud-based database management system enables users to collaborate with internal team members more efficiently. Users have the ability to contribute files, comment on processes and tests, and also get personalized notifications. Regardless of location, the intuitive design fosters team cooperation and productivity. The project runs with modern Polymerize data management software that allows users to meticulously logged details at each step and development. Along with data modification and sharing within the team, which can enhance productivity for attaining the desired objectives, Any information fed can be traced and determined where it came from.

Live Dashboard with Customization

Polymerize has the advantage of a dynamic, flexible, and automatically generated dashboard. Users can receive updates on all the data that is kept in the system, and the news section will display the most recent information on work-related materials. By allowing users to design chemical structures and reactions, automatically generate results tables from one or more columns, and create mathematical equations from their data, the metadata option enhances the user experience for those who write and read scientific articles. Additionally, it helps to minimize human error and ensures the validity and reproducibility of research.

Project Ownership: Project owners can track any modification done to the projects by the team, which promotes a healthy and productive environment for users.

Chemical Drawing: Polymerize Data Management platform provides users with preloaded features which give users the ability to draw any chemical drawings of chemical structures and reactions.

Live Comments and Notification Feature: This allows the users to comment and tag any member at any project stage. It improves team collaboration and ultimately increases productivity.

Multi-Stage work order: Some projects require complex pipelines, including work to be done in intricately multiple stages. This feature is specially designed to hold any such projects.

Advanced AI/ML Tools: Polymerize employs advanced AI/ML tools to analyze data across projects or within projects. This includes easy-to-use visualization tools that can help users understand multi-dimensional datasets easily.

Meta-Data: Scientific work needs to be accurately recorded to promote reproducibility and reduce errors. Polymerize data management platform offers specialized meta-data features that allow users to record related papers, journals, diagrams, text, procedures, etc.

Advanced Agnostic Database: Polymerize platform has the ability to ingest data in any format.

In the current era of sustainable development, optimisation has become complex due to the involvement of multiple benchmarks like technical, economic, and environmental impact. Almost every industry outsources to get digitised in order to get the edge in their respective fields.

With customers spread across a diverse array of industries, including chemical, polymer, paints and coatings, rubber, food packaging, textiles, and other material industries, the Polymerize data management platform is designed to help accelerate data-driven decisions in any environment.

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