"I won't let go.". I had a hard time finding you, and I said I wouldn't let go. Enron, it's not my fault. You can't punish me like this! Shen Bin roared in a low voice, and the strength of his hands increased slightly. Enron was held by him with some pain, but he couldn't shake it off. She turned around and saw Shen Bin with a haggard face. In Enron's memory, Shen Bin has never been so embarrassed. He is always high-spirited and polite, but now Shen Bin is slovenly, and even his beard is not tidied up. In the morning, Shen Bin seemed to be a different person. Enron's heart throbbed, but he still lowered his eyes. Shen Bin, we can't. How is it impossible? Enron, you can't do this to me. You know how I feel about you, and you know I'm a victim, too, don't you? It's not fair to me! Shen Bin's eyes are red. He looked for Enron all morning,cattle weight tape, and his heart was broken, but when he found Enron, he got such an answer. Nope! Don't break up with him! Enron looked at Shen Bin, looked at the tears in his eyes, and felt even more uncomfortable. Fair? Is that fair to me? "But it's not my fault." "That's not my fault,Walking measuring wheel, is it?" Enron's rhetorical question made Shen Bin a little irritable. Enron, what do you want me to do to forgive me? "Can you erase all the traces of Anping sleeping with you so that nothing has happened?" Enron suddenly smiled, but there was a drop of crystal tears in the corner of his eyes. Shen Bin hesitated for a moment, and his hand finally loosened bit by bit. Chapter 22 she is not short of men. "Why?"? Why don't you forgive me when you know it's not my fault? I don't want to sleep with her either. But sleep is already sleeping. How do you want me to touch the trace? Enron, did you really love me? If you really love me. How can you be so determined not to want me? Just break up for something that's not my fault? Shen Bin suddenly roared. He's really going crazy. This morning's worry, the morning's torture, at the moment of seeing Enron, when hearing her resolute words, Shen Bin felt his heart was broken. He couldn't understand Enron's stubbornness. He didn't mean it! Why should he pay for other people's mistakes? Enron listened to his questioning. The heart seems to have been torn open. I don't love you? How can I feel bad if I don't love you? How can my heart hurt if I don't love you? Shen Bin, for so many years. Don't you know how I treat you? Enron was not hysterical, nor did he raise his voice. On the contrary, Wheel tape measure ,Pi tape measure, it is a faint voice, like the most common tone, but it makes people feel very depressed and uncomfortable. Shen Bin burst into tears. He took Enron's hand and held it tightly. It was as if Enron would no longer belong to him if he let go. Enron, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I know you don't like Anping. I shouldn't have been with her last night. Can you give me another chance? I've been with you for so many years. We grew up together, we were childhood sweethearts, and I will never marry you in my life. You know that. Without you. I'm not going to live. Enron's tears flowed down. Losing Shen Bin, she also seemed to gouge out her heart from her heart, suffocating with pain and suffering with pain. But when he thought that he had slept in the same bed with Anping and had slept in the same bed, Enron could not get over the barrier in his heart. She can't rub a grain of sand into her eyes for love. Now with such a big sand in her eyes, how could she pretend that nothing had happened? Enron looked at Shen Bin, looked at Shen Bin that pair of expectant eyes, suddenly some dyspnea. I'm sorry, let's break up. Enron said this sentence, feeling the strength of the whole body disappeared. Her first love, her childhood sweetheart, was eventually lost because of Anping's involvement. Shen Bin staggered for a moment, but also let go of Enron's hand. Break up? You're breaking up with me? Enron could not bear to look at Shen Bin now, she turned her head to one side, but saw that not far away Anping was looking at them with an uneasy face. Enron's eyes cooled down in an instant. Did you come with Anping? She looked at her side with a chill in her eyes. Shen Bin said with a wry smile, "Yes, I came with her.". I've been looking for you like crazy. My car had a flat tire, and she drove me everywhere to find you. But what about you? You want to break up with me. Enron, is this your love for me? Enron suddenly felt that all this was so ironic. An Ping robbed her man, but now she is looking for herself with Shen Bin as a good man. And what about the man who says he loves himself? He criticized her in every way. Did he ever think how painful her heart was when she saw them rolling together. When she was walking alone on the road and didn't know where to go, did he ever think about the harm she had suffered? Enron suddenly felt that he did not know Shen Bin. Is this the same Shen Bin she likes? "Do you think my love for you is too shallow?" Enron smiled and looked straight at Shen Bin with tearful eyes. Shen Bin suddenly realized what he had said and said with some chagrin, "I'm sorry, Enron, I'm really going crazy.". We are not very calm. Can you give me some time and give yourself some time? If we don't break up, calm down. What do you want me to do to calm you down? You tell me, as long as you say, even if it is the moon in the sky, I will pick it for you, OK? Enron's heart sank little by little. Nope! I've decided to break up with you. Enron finished and turned away directly. Enron! When Shen Bin wanted to chase Enron again, Anping suddenly ran over and hugged Shen Bin's waist tightly from behind. Don't go! Brother Shen Bin,tape measure clip, my sister doesn't want you, and you still have me. My sister is so beautiful and good at learning. Now she has a little uncle who is the chief to support her. She is not short of men. But what about me? I have slept with you, and you can't be irresponsible to me! Brother Shen Bin! 。 tapemeasure.net