Strangely enough, according to the work regulations of the Wind Discipline Department, it is very taboo to send people across jurisdictions, because it will seriously affect their work and confidential arrangements. However, in the midst of this unusual transfer on an unprecedented scale, the sub-bureau of the discipline division of the other group armies not only did not resist, but also tacitly helped the Southern Bureau to carry out its work. The degree of secrecy was so high that Anita would not have noticed anything unusual had it not been for the fact that the light infantry had gathered at the training base, and Anita had repeatedly failed in visiting her old friends. The third strange thing is that Stallone, the commander of the French Expeditionary Colonial Army, behaved abnormally. For half a month, he sent people to the Fire Lotus Light Infantry Division to look for Donner. At first, Anita thought that Stallone was negotiating with the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom to make a deal with Donner in private, so she did not see the guard he sent. Anita became suspicious when she heard that the guard was coming more and more urgently and his expression was more and more urgent. However, her contact with Stallone's pro-guard did not come to fruition, and the pro-guard insisted on seeing Donner before he was willing to tell his purpose. Hearing the news, Donner was also curious. Did Stallone hear something and know that he had reached an agreement with Napoleon, so he quickly found himself to discuss a solution? But this is unlikely, because Donner knows that in a one-on-one duel, he can defeat half of Stallone's knights, which does not mean that he can win when these people rush up. If Donner holds the idea of killing Stallone on the battlefield, not to mention the Knights, even Stallone's own guards are desperate to defend the chief officer, Donner may not be able to succeed. Stallone shouldn't be so anxious for his safety. Until we have more definite information, there is no point in blindly speculating. Donner asked Isabel to tell Anita that if Stallone sent someone over again, he should go to the division headquarters and use a secure line to contact him. For some reason,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Donner felt the smell of gold coins from this incident-or saw the sparkle of diamonds. The last message, however, puzzled everyone, including Fei Zhen'er. The Ministry of Military Affairs has recently issued a number of orders to establish a light infantry training base, which is just one of them. The General Staff Headquarters of the Ministry of War Affairs drew up a series of exercise plans, named the "Royal Flag" exercise, involving 26 corps of the four major army groups, and the military budget alone reached 350000000 gold coins. After the plan was approved by His Majesty the Emperor, it became the largest military operation of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom in 30 years and the largest military exercise in 180 years. The last time the national army was mobilized, it was because of the attack launched by France under Napoleon against the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom. At Anita's level, of course, she could not see anything too classified in the exercise plan. But the light infantry division and Isabel's informants have their own channels. Anita told Donner that the imaginary enemy of the exercise was France after Napoleon's successful restoration and re-accession to the throne. Although according to normal logic, after Napoleon unified the whole country, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, it would take at least three years to calm the domestic situation and obtain the resources and support to launch foreign aggression. However, in the face of Napoleon, who has the reputation of "invincible God of war", no one dares to be careless. Thirty years ago, several small countries on the mainland signed a treaty of friendship with France, exporting all kinds of resources to please Napoleon and ensure their own peace and stability. How did it turn out? Overnight, Napoleon tore up six treaties and destroyed six small countries in three days. Of course, the mecha forces of those small countries together are only equivalent to a side army of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom. However, if there is no plan to prepare for a rainy day, if Napoleon brazenly sent troops regardless of the domestic situation, even if only half of the army was lost, Austro-Hungary would be in an unsustainable predicament. According to the report of the Ministry of Military Affairs, our exercise is not only to train the ability of officers and soldiers, but more importantly, we should tell Napoleon that we are ready for war, and if you dare to come, you must be prepared to pay a painful price. In military exercises, deterrence has always been one of the important purposes. Therefore, the emperor, who loved money as much as his life, reluctantly agreed to the costly exercise plan. Of course, because the light infantry units of the Southern Group Army are all working on the construction of training bases, most of the tasks given to them in their "Royal Flag" are to guard and patrol, and they are not allowed to participate in large-scale mobilization and actual combat drills. Taken together, Donner became less and less aware of the intentions of the Ministry of Military Affairs. Since we are preparing for the exercise, why are we so anxious to build the training base? Even after a month, it's not too late to go back to the Apenninger Peninsula. What's more, the construction task of the training base is very heavy, and it will take a year to take shape in the case of all-out efforts. Why did they concentrate on the past so early and use them as construction workers? Most importantly, why should all the funds for the construction of the base be allocated at one time? Not to mention the military training base, even if a new military camp is built, it is always remitted in batches to avoid overspending caused by blind waste. Is the Ministry of Military Affairs not afraid that Donald will embezzle half of the money and then file a report for money? We discussed for a long time, but there was no result. As Nicholas said, although Isabel's number of people is much larger, the speed and accuracy of intelligence acquisition is also excellent, but there is a serious lack of intelligence analysis personnel, which makes it impossible to provide detailed and reliable reference for decision makers. Although the "Golden Guide Dog", an intelligence agency originally affiliated to the Ministry of Finance, has been incorporated into Isabel's intelligence system, they have not yet played their due role, perhaps because of insufficient running-in. This kind of unusual behavior, if only one or two is nothing,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, appears again and again in a short period of time, can not help but make people suspicious. Fei Zhener immediately contacted the headquarters of the Southern Group Army, but she did not get any more information than what everyone could see in the files.