Linzi smiled, very brightly, and he saw a black thread emerge between the eyebrows of the God of law, which proved that the strange powder attached to the golden ticket and the strange ingredients in the wine had begun to react violently. The powder on the golden ticket and the ingredients in the wine are taken separately, which is not harmful to the body. But once the two meet together, even if only the smallest amount of ingredients meet everything, they will immediately and rapidly breed and overflow, and then turn into a terrible elixir of the fallen gods-the "forbidden soul magic liquid". After being attached by this magic liquid, even the spirits of the gods will lose their vitality and become as weak as the souls of ordinary people. Lin Qi smiled and approached the God of law, and his God was full of respect, nodding his head and admitting that all the words of the God of law were correct. The God of the law was extremely satisfied to praise Linzi's wisdom and understanding of the current affairs, but he did not realize that his whole face had been firmly trapped by a large net of black sè filaments. Gradually, the God of law himself found that something was wrong, his body shook, and then reached out to grab his artifact sword. But a dark shadow appeared behind Lin Qi, and Dahei appeared in front of the God of Law and Order with a smile and grabbed three artifacts from his body. The God of law? Do you know how much I miss you, my little darling? Dahei handed the three artifacts to Linzi, then clasped his hands in front of his chest and exclaimed loudly with the aria of the opera: "What a lovely God of law, what a beautiful God of law,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, the God of law who was beaten like a pig's head!"! Oh, I'm so touched! After so many years of separation, we old friends meet again, we should enjoy a song of joy! Come on, how about a pop dance that was very popular in those days? With a smile, Dahei grabbed the shoulder of the pale God of law and put his arms around him and jumped up happily in the room. Linzi quietly took back the golden ticket and the tray of the world ring, and then turned to leave the room. The God of the law looked at the rabbit in despair: "Rabbit, no,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, is the black sè rabbit, that rabbit, is the white sè!"! Bastard, you, you.. "Whoo, whoo!" Dahei hugged the God of law, who could not move. He wept bitterly and wiped a lot of snot and tears on the face of the God of law: "Yes, I was a white rabbit. I was such a pure, kind rabbit with a bright heart!"! But because I met you later, I turned black! Because my heart has turned black, so my hair has turned black! The God of law trembled violently all over: "Bastard, your heart was also black in those days!"! When I, I, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,304 stainless steel wire, why, when I fought with you, you were clearly in front of me, but the back of my head was fatally attacked, causing me to almost fall, and I can only sleep until now? The God of law looked at Dahei angrily: "I saw you in front of me, but you!" " Blackie appeared behind Dahei like a ghost. He smiled and said hello to the God of law: "Because … …" "Ah, didn't I tell you that we are actually lovely twin brothers?" The two rabbits warmly embraced the God of law as if he had seen a ghost, beat his body hard, and scraped all the valuable goods on his body clean: "We are twin brothers, lovely twin brothers, twin brothers with deep feelings, and there will always be only one twin brother against the enemy!"! Oh, yeah! The God of law suddenly understood, he suddenly understood why he had suffered such a disastrous defeat! This damn rabbit, this is so powerful that the God of punishment can only pay the price of serious injury to kill the rabbit! This frontal battle inflicted a heavy blow on the God of punishment, forcing the God of punishment to flee in panic, leaving himself to defend the rabbit in the rear! Such a terrible rabbit is not one, damn it, this famous cruel and immoral rabbit is not one! They're two. They're twins! So at the beginning, when the God of law was guarding Dahei, who was guarding the front, he was smashed in the head by Xiaohei, who was sneaking up behind him, forcing him to flee with his dying body, and finally he could only fall into eternal sleep! Two rabbits! How come! Two rabbits! How could you do it now? The God of law crazily wanted to mobilize the power of the spirit, but his soul was so weak that he could not exert any strength at all as if he were paralyzed. He wanted to struggle hard, but his body, compared with the abnormal strength of the two rabbits, was as incredible as a bean sprout trying to turn over a mountain. He wanted to shout, but a rabbit pulled out of nowhere a silk panty with a strong smell of sweat and stuffed it into his mouth. The God of law and order shed tears in despair, he is a God, he is a noble God! If he dies with honor, his family will be honored. But he did not fall in the terrible war, but after recovering, he was turned over by two rabbits and a cup of poisonous wine! Grievance, suffocating, the spirit of the law is so angry that the soul will burn up, why does such a thing happen? "He's crying!" The two rabbits laughed at the same time, and they jumped up and down with their arms around the God of law, and then threw him out. Two strong grey knights were already waiting at the door of the house. They grabbed the God of law and command, then waved their swords at the same time. The heavy sword smashed the hall where the God of law and command lived. The sword of the grey sè rose in anger, and the huge hall was blown to pieces. All the maids and guards inside and outside the hall were killed by one sword. While the two rabbits were teasing the God of law, Lin Qi had already arrived outside Hu Xinzhu's residence. On the pretext of discussing the military situation,brushed stainless steel sheet, he talked to Hu Xinzhu smoothly, and soon Longcheng came over. Sanru stood solemnly at a desk, pointing to the magic sand table and analyzing the next possible actions of the nomadic army.