However, the blue seal glass did not mean this at all, the blue seal glass and everyone kept a certain distance, after Shen Yanxiao left, he was busy all day, not everywhere to catch Warcraft, is to help organize things in the sunset, very little private time, a discerning person can see that everything the Blue seal glass did was for Shen Yanxiao. It can be said that in the eyes of the blue seal glass, in addition to Shen Yan Xiao this sister, there is no room for other people to stand. Only things related to Shen Yanxiao, he will show a little bit similar to the emotions of normal people. 2444. No Chapter 244 The Sun Never Sets (3) No matter how persistent Su Feihuan is, it is useless. Gu Qingming sighed and said, "What can I do?"? Fei Huan is so stubborn that he can't pull ten cows back. It's not that you don't know these years. My eldest brother and I just don't have a whip to beat him. What's the use? Su Feihuan's persistence in Lan Fengli is comparable to Lan Fengli's persistence in Shen Yanxiao. Both of them are very stubborn. Forget about them. Let them go. What's the situation in your silver hand? The wolf looked at Gu Qingming Road, Shen Yan Xiao before leaving, had told Qin Ge,304 Stainless Steel Wire, let him try to use the silver hand members, to find the whereabouts of the use of forbidden sorcerer, these two years, Qin Ge has led the silver hand to look around, also found a few dens, those places after being found,304 Stainless Steel Bar, are led by the blue seal glass, all of them clean up. There are no new discoveries yet. It seems that the things the Lord wants us to find are not so easy to find. After the previous two times, the guys seem to have learned to be smart. The places we found later are abandoned. Everything inside has been destroyed and no clues can be found. Gu Qingming has some helplessness, Shen Yanxiao to find things, they have not found, nearly half a year, those sorcerers as if they were prepared, always before they are about to reach the evacuation, let them empty several times. Take your time. Don't worry. Your safety is the most important thing. The Lord wants all of you to be good. The wolf patted Pure Brightness Gu on the shoulder. As the two major organizations that never set on the sun, the relationship between the Silver Hand and the Cave Wolf Mercenary Corps is getting better and better, and members of both sides often get together to drink and chat. There is no need to worry about this, although our members are not as strong as those in the second turn, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but most people have to work hard to find our whereabouts. Gu Qingming is very confident about the strength of the members of the Silver Hand. Good. I'm going to the apothecaries' guild to pick up some potions. Would you like to join me? The wolf laughed. Together, I just heard that Master Ye Qing has prepared a kind of medicine that can completely hide the breath, which is very important for our silver hand. Gu Qingming Road. Shen Yanxiao opened the pharmacist trade union in the sunset, the president of the trade union is Ye Qing, Ye Qing to their own cultivation in pharmacy, for the sunset to cultivate a large number of excellent pharmacist talents, although there are pharmacist trade unions in other cities, but everyone knows that the pharmacist trade union in the sunset is the real pharmacist temple. Today, in addition to Ye Qing, the master of pharmacy, there are ten masters of pharmacy in the union of pharmacists on which the sun never sets. Yin Jiuchen, as a disciple of Ye Qing, has the fastest promotion among all pharmacists. A few days ago, under Ye Qing's examination, he became the tenth master of pharmacy in the union of pharmacists on which the sun never sets. As far as the talent of pharmacy is concerned, she can almost match Shen Yanxiao. All the potions prepared by the trade union of apothecaries on which the sun never sets are not for sale. All of them are supplied to the managers of the cities in the barren land, who distribute them to the main members of the city. Because the Wolf Mercenary Corps and the Silver Hand are two organizations directly under Shen Yanxiao, they have priority in the supply of potions. 2445. No Chapter 244 5 The Sun Never Sets (4) When the sun never sets, Uncle Jiu and Su River are discussing the refining of a new batch of ore. Although Shen Yanxiao has left, there is no slack in the barren land. All the combatants have been trained to the maximum extent, while the non-combatants are constantly busy, making all the items that need to be prepared before the war. The quality of this batch of ore is good. I have given it to Qinglong Family to make. If there is no accident, I can make a batch of treasures. Su River is responsible for the operation of the entire mining team. Every day, he will lead the team to the barren land to discover new mineral deposits, and concentrate on transporting them back. The building of weapons and armor is the responsibility of Qinglong Family. The city where Qinglong Family is located is one of the five cities in the barren land, and its owner is Yang Xi. I have sent it back to Qinglong City before, and I will give the rest of it to other forgers to practice. Uncle Jiu looked through the previous records. Are those guys still free of worry? Su River opened his mouth with a smile, the people he said were brought back from the gathering points found by the hand of silver, although the blue seal glass destroyed all the places, but there are still many subjects for blood fusion experiments, most of them live in deep water, this has been desperate, but did not expect things to turn around, these subjects have not been brainwashed. He was brought back to the place where the sun never set, managed by Uncle Jiu, and lived with the villagers of the Sun Cemetery. They are all poor people, but they are very easy to talk to and get along well with others. Uncle Jiu smiled kindly. Experimenters who have undergone racial integration experiments are physically completely different from ordinary human beings. They have the characteristics of other races in their bodies. They are far stronger than ordinary people in terms of their own strength. With a little guidance,mirror stainless steel sheet, they can become very powerful fighters. That's good. I'll go to the Broken Star Palace later and send them a batch of equipment made by the Qinglong Family. Su River is very busy. Although his team is not strong in combat effectiveness, they are very professional logistics personnel. They are generally responsible for the contact and transportation of daily materials in various cities. Everything should be ready, right? Asked Uncle Jiu.