But does the man hate himself? Or do you just want to get the treasure? Is there one person behind it or are there several camps? The head that loves to laugh to feel oneself to restore Pure Brightness with great difficulty only is made again a mess of paste. The prey and the hunted The hunted and the hunted Love to laugh is not to help Xu Song what, now, Xu Song to love to laugh has no previous meaning. However, for their own design wronged, love to laugh must find out the truth, love to laugh do not always stare at such a stain to be treated, even if that person is already an ordinary person. There is no hope that people all over the world will regard themselves as a good person, but love to laugh and never mention others to bear the blame. It's really hard to find out the person behind the scenes, especially now, who loves to laugh, who doesn't even know, how many people don't know, with what purpose, love to laugh or don't know. Generally speaking, it's like the old saying. The enemy is in the dark and I am in the light. If you are not careful, you will end up with a knife for others and a fish for me. How do we do that? Aixiao is still in a position imprisoned by Xu Song. It's really troublesome. Think about the things in your own space, love to laugh and suddenly think of one thing. Invisibility cloak Laughter has not been used for a long time, since when, Laughter has no habit of doing things behind his back, whether it is killing or what. But now, Aixiao feels that he can no longer do things on his own. Use whatever you can, as long as you can find out the truth. He put on the cloak of invisibility and climbed out of a window carefully with a smile. In the first step, Aixiao decided to find out the thief hiding in the camp. Since he wanted to find the thief in the camp, he knew with a smile that he could not find it at will without any goal, otherwise, he might not be able to find it next year. So what are the targets that should be suspected? Laugh and think, guard, laugh and think, when I left in those two cars that day, the guards should have seen it, but they didn't stop it, and a car that wasn't in the camp was parked outside the camp,heavy duty rack manufacturers, which was a problem in itself. But the guards didn't do anything. Moreover, after the hospital incident, they did not come out to say anything, and they probably had problems. Now that he has set a goal, he begins to think about moving in a certain direction. Love to laugh carefully walk, although there is the cover of invisibility cloak, but, if you encounter something, or will be known, can be a special forces, their ears are much better than the average person. Think of here, love to laugh can not help but think of the second time I met Xu Song in Jianfengling, at that time, I was also wearing a cloak of invisibility, but because I accidentally stepped on something, he heard the noise, and then. Love laughed and shook his head hard. What's wrong with him? Just like the heroine in those romantic novels, push back racking system ,push back racking system, after being wronged by the hero, she will recall the past from time to time. No, I love to laugh and force myself to forget the things in my mind. Love to laugh, she is a person of flesh and blood, is a realistic person, is not a good woman, so, unforgivable, that man is unforgivable. So, forget, all of this must be forgotten. Love to laugh and continue to move forward carefully, listening to the wind blowing, eyes like radar scanning around any possible danger or task. Therefore, in the Hainan Special Forces camp that day, many soldiers felt that they had been peeped, although no evidence was found, but for a time attracted the attention of many people. After all, Hainan special forces, for Hainan, and even the comfort of the south, is crucial, he is our country's coastal defense outpost, and those soldiers, are those sentinels. There is no room for a little mistake in the camp. Love to laugh is not aware of their own according to the panic, know, love to laugh will be indifferent to say, "Oh, so ah." Laughter has never been a noble and patriotic person, so on this occasion, the panic of the people, love to laugh. When passing an office, Aixiao wanted to walk gently and try not to be noticed by the people in the room, but when Aixiao passed by, he suddenly heard the people inside seem to say his name. Hold your breath, laugh and lie in the corner, and for the first time in your life, get up and squat in the corner. Last time in Qionghai, you said you would catch them all. Why did they come back or come back unharmed? Inside the conversation is no longer talking about themselves, but love to laugh or did not leave. Qionghai? Catch all? I love to laugh and have a premonition that I will get a monstrous secret inadvertently. Last time it was an accident. Love laughed and heard a voice that seemed to have been heard. Accident? You just need an accident? Do you have any idea how many men we lost to push them into the sea? The man's rough voice revealed the anger inside. At that time, because of the inexplicable appearance of Ying Kuizhen. Ying Kuizhen, it's me again. Love laughed back, they should say that Xu Song and the three of them fell into the sea, there is a matter of their own. However, that matter, not to say that no one will suspect their own body? Everyone thought the three of them had come back with their own lives? While laughing and thinking, the conversation went on inside. Ying Kuizhen? Speaking of her, why didn't you get anything from her? For this matter, the head has been angry, because she alone, the organization has lost two good players, Yan and Li. If the matter is still not resolved, I'm afraid. "But now she is being taken to the military building by Xu Song.". There are still people outside to defend,radio shuttle racking, and I have no way at all. "Are you sure those two men were to prevent the woman from escaping, not to protect her from Xu Song?"? And Dai went to the military building. Are you sure that it was for imprisonment, not for protection nearby? That slightly familiar voice. kingmoreracking.com