Shoulder, is a prominent dragon head, the appearance is not exaggerated, but very aesthetic, shoulder armor extended downward, neat armor with dragon scale-like patterns covered the whole right arm of Tang San, angular, even the palm and fingers are no exception. Completely fit on the muscles of Tang San's arm, but there is no trace of hard feeling, will not affect Tang San's action. In the palm of the right hand, there is a blue-gold gem, a strong suction from the gem burst out, attracting the golden water into it. Suddenly, more energy was integrated into Tang San's body. And Tang San's body was devoured like a bottomless pit. The golden sea water, through the blue and gold armor on Tang San's right arm, was constantly introduced into the body, and the golden water column drew an arc in the air, which was very dazzling. With the support of the eight wings of Poseidon and the solid right arm armor of Poseidon, Tang San only felt that the consumption and recovery of his light of Pose had been able to maintain a basic balance. However, this is only the beginning, as if by the influence of Tang San's firm willpower,shuttle rack system, the circular platform flew over one after another. Following the right arm bone of the azure ox python on the second platform is the right leg bone of the blue silver emperor of Tang San. The glittering blue and silver grass floated down, and every blade of grass turned into a streamer, climbing and circling from Tang San's feet until it reached the root of his thigh. In the clangorous explosion, Tang San felt a tight right leg, and a strong sense of strength spread all over his body. The energy of alcohol fluctuates instantaneously. The blue and golden armor, accompanied by the brilliant brilliance brought by the blue and silver grass, fits perfectly with Tang San's right leg. The armor of the right leg, like the eight wings of Poseidon,heavy duty metal racking, is covered with wavy moire, which also protects every inch of Tang San's skin. On the side of the calf, there are three bulges like bone spurs, and the tail of each thorn has a radian like a small wing. The third circular platform disappeared with the fitting of Poseidon's right leg armor. The fourth platform appeared. The shadow of the evil killer whale king flashed away and hit Tang San's left leg. Suddenly, Tang San felt a cold feeling coming from his left leg, which was quite different from the gentleness brought to him by the right leg bone of the blue and silver emperor. But the cold feeling also lifted Tang San's spirits. The left leg armor, which is exactly the same as the right leg armor, appears. The only difference is that in the front of the right leg, there is a faint halo, like a sharp blade. It's obviously related to the original killer whale's evil axe skill in the left leg bone of the evil killer whale. Every time a part of the armor fits the body, Tang San's strength will increase geometrically, and the light of Poseidon released by the trident brand on his forehead will also increase. These armors became the most solid backing of Tang San, and also the most important artifact to fully release the power of the sea God. When the left leg bone of the evil killer whale on the fourth platform completed the process of armor and fit with Tang San's body, the next thing that appeared was not the fifth platform that Tang San expected China to have a head soul bone, Automated warehouse systems ,metal racking systems, but flew directly out of the seventh platform, and the left arm bone of the Titan giant ape came out of thin air, and in the powerful explosion, the thick left arm soul bone full of edges and corners was covered, which was different from the right arm soul bone. The shoulder armor of the left arm soul bone is straight and prominent, not dragon-shaped, and the left arm soul bone looks thicker than the right arm soul bone, but the overall composition and wave moire are exactly the same, not because of the different armors of the two arms. On the contrary, it is full of the feeling of strength and beauty. Four limbs and soul bones are complete, plus the eight wings of Poseidon behind Tang San. The golden ocean around the circular platform boiled, and the sea water rose around the circular platform into a huge golden whirlpool, rotating violently around the round platform. The huge energy of Poseidon is pouring into Tang San's body, which seems to be reshaping his body and transforming every part of his body. Then, the sixth platform flew out, the soul was completely broken, and the deep sea whale trunk bone, which was completely integrated into the soul bone, rose into the air and fell from above. When it was still in the air, the original purple soul bone had turned into blue-gold armor, and the extremely dazzling trunk armor fell together with the shutter skirt. In the clangorous explosion, the feeling of fullness came into Tang San's body from every part of his body. His hair was extended rapidly to his waist. There was no gold in his hair color, only the deep and endless blue like the sea. His long blue hair fluttered in the wind, and his body was completely covered with armor. The trunk armor made of the deep sea whale's trunk bone is extremely atmospheric. The thick chest armor, the waist armor like fish scales, and the brilliant louver battle skirt are all so dazzling with the four limbs armor. In the middle of the chest, a fist-sized aqua blue diamond gem is inlaid between the chest armor and the waist armor, and if you look carefully, you can see that the aqua blue gem is shining like a whirlpool in the abyss, which is similar to the purple whirlpool gem on the armor worn by the deep-sea whale king after he incarnated as a human being. What this gem contains is the pure power of Poseidon. Four rays of light shine from Tang San's shoulders and the root of his thighs, which is where the armor of his limbs and trunk are combined. At the same time, the eight ribs behind the eight wings of Poseidon were also lit up. The sound of fit is so moving, surrounded by the surging energy of Poseidon, the trunk armor completes the fusion with the limb armor and the eight wings of Poseidon, and truly becomes a whole. At the moment when all the matches were completed, the fifth platform, which had never flown over, arrived. Instead of flying to the top of Tang San's head, he flew to the top of the eighth platform with the trident of Poseidon in front of him. The soul bone of the head floated up quietly, and around it, there seemed to be a small whirlpool corresponding to the huge whirlpool outside. The skull began to change, the blue-gold brilliance was dazzling, and a smaller version of the trident blade appeared. Connecting them was a round hoop, forming a trident blue-gold headband. The central position of the ring on the headband is the hollow mark of a small trident. When it flew up and landed on Tang San's head and tied up his long blue hair, the hollow lines just corresponded to the brand of Poseidon's trident on Tang San's forehead. Suddenly, the strong blue and golden brilliance suddenly broke out, and in front of Tang San,industrial racking systems, the trident of Poseidon, which had been illuminated by the light of Poseidon, also changed.