Wang Yan said with a smile, "I also want to see how much they have grown up five years later.". I will not participate in the new competition as a leading teacher, and only at this time can I see their strength. Beibei, how are you? [Look peerless, come] Beibei smiled and said, "It's our honor to consult the seniors.". Mr. Wang, how do you think we should learn from each other? After a little thought, Wang Yan said, "In terms of strength, Ruo Ruo and Wu Ming have an absolute advantage over you.". Although there are so many of you, Ruo Ruo controls the war Contra, and has a strong ability to control the field. Here's the deal. Ruo Ruo, Wu Ming, Qing Tian, you three go together. Beibei, you can fight in groups of seven. What do you think? Beibei said with a wry smile, "Sister Hanxue is going to do it, too!"! We're under a lot of pressure! Han Ruoruo is a strong man at the level of eight-ring Contra, and this is not a parallel import soul division, but the real inner courtyard Contra of Shrek Academy. Even against the general title of Douro will not fall behind. Among the students in the inner college, besides Zhang Lexuan,warehouse storage racks, Han Ruoruo is the strongest. It is also known as the first control in the inner courtyard. At the beginning, she and Zhang Lexuan had participated in the Soul Fighting Competition of the Mainland Senior Soul Division Academy. Now the status of the college will never be lower than that of Wang Yan, a teacher in the inner college. On the Shrek Seven side, the strongest one is the six-ring soul emperor. Seven to three, the other side is Contra, Soul Saint, Soul Emperor. It's not that easy to fight. Wang Yan said with a smile, "Without pressure,industrial racking systems, how can we test the results of your practice in the past few years?"? Just learn from each other. Why, are you going to show weakness? Beibei also smiled, turned his head and glanced at his partners. What he saw was the burning fighting spirit in the eyes of his partners. Wang Yan's previous words not only shocked Han Ruoruo, Wu Ming and Chu Qingtian, but also ignited the memories in the hearts of the Shrek Seven. Eight-ring Contra? Can't we fight a war? "Well, let's try.". Ask the three seniors to show mercy. Beibei said to Wang Yan with a smile. "Well," said Wang Yan, "I'll be the referee. Remember, all of you, that's it. "Yes." The Shrek Seven respectfully promised at the same time, which fully reflected their respect for Wang Yan. Wang Yan turned to Han Ruoruo. Han Ruoruo nodded to him. From her eyes, Wang Yan knew that she had understood what she meant. Wu Ming is already eager to try, "come on, come on.". Here we go. Wang Yan said, "Although it is a competition, pallet rack shelving ,medium duty racking, it should be more formal.". I want you to step back to each side, and I want you to have three minutes to discuss tactics. Three minutes later, we began to compete. What else did Wu Ming want to say, but he was pulled by Han Ruo and retreated with Chu Qingtian. At this time, Chu Qingtian's tired appearance before was swept away by divine responsibility, but also some eager to try. It was clear that part of his previous weariness was feigned. Wu Ming was so excited at this time that he did not notice his change. The two sides retreated separately. The Shrek Seven led by Beibei went to the left side of the field, and Han Ruoruo, Wu Ming and Chu Qingtian went to the right side of the field. Beibei looked at his partners and immediately made arrangements. Sanshi, you and I are in the front. Nannan side to coordinate. Vegetable head in the middle, long-range strike. Xiao Xiao, you and Yu Hao assist in control together. Donger, you are responsible for joining hands with Yuhao to respond at any time. Yuhao, you are in charge. On the battlefield, you are in command. Do you understand? Although they have not joined hands for more than two years, their tacit understanding has not been reduced at all, especially when the fighting spirit has been fully mobilized. Is the so-called newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, in the face of Contra level senior sister, even if the loss is not shameful ah! What's more, as Wang Yan said, only enough pressure can better test the results of their practice. Challenging Han Ruo Ruo three people is obviously better than their internal self-learning, and it can also achieve the purpose of practicing cooperation. At the time of speaking, the seven men had already arranged their formation. Beibei and Xu Sanshi were both in the front, and Jiang Nannan was beside Xu Sanshi, slightly half a step behind. And then there is the vegetable head in the middle. Xiao Xiao, Huo Yuhao and Wang Donger stood side by side, and Huo Yuhao was in the middle. He had already held Wang Donger's hand. They are an irregular line-ups of three, one and three. But the moment seven people stood in a good position, there was a sense of power. Under the traction of Qi, Han Ruo three people subconsciously cast their eyes over, they see, not seven people, but a whole, a complete whole. Wu Ming's eyes seemed to have a flame burning chalk, and he jumped to the front with great excitement. Chu Qingtian quietly followed her, just like Jiang Nannan, slightly behind half a step. This is the most commonly used position of the War Soul Division of the Sensitive Attack Department. Han Ruo Ruo stood in the back. The three men also maintained a simple but very effective formation. Wang Yan saw that both sides were already in good positions. "Both sides are ready," Dachan shouted. Suddenly, the soul rings of both sides rose almost at the same time, the dazzling lighting bloomed on the hill with strong brilliance, and the violent fluctuation of soul power even made the air over the whole inner courtyard slightly distorted. At this time, the gap of cultivation is revealed. Although Han Ruoruo had only three people on their side, they were not weak in momentum, but had a tendency to roll back. Han Ruo, who has a graceful figure, just stands there quietly, giving people a feeling of an anchor. A twinkle in the eyes. Instead of looking at Beibei and Xu Sanshi in front of the Shrek Seven, she looked past them and fell directly on Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao only felt a huge mental pressure. He could clearly feel that Han Ruo had locked on to him. Yes,automated warehouse systems, it's a lock. This is not the locking of soul skills, but a kind of spiritual locking. The soul saint above cultivates for, the spiritual power is strong enough to control the department war soul division to be able to achieve the mind locking.