The wandering souls were frightened and dispersed one after another. The ghosts suddenly appeared to maintain order. On the flat ground not far from the bridge, a light suddenly appeared. After the light weakened, the scene he saw made him unable to recover for a long time. It was a familiar and strange woman, with red lips and white teeth, beautiful eyes and beautiful eyes, which reminded him of the elegant goddess in the ancient picture scrolls he had seen when he was young, who only appeared in the legend. She was dressed in a green skirt woven by Ficus pumila and Xiangzhi, with vines made of bright and charming flowers around her waist, and her long dark hair was decorated with Xiangzhi Fangruo. Only the angry look on her face deducted a little point from her elegant image, and he called out tentatively, "Zi Yan?" "Humph." The other side's voice and attitude. He was sure and then asked, "What are you doing here?" "I'm asking you." Muziyan did not have a good airway, "how did you follow the ghost so quickly." Do you have no nostalgia in this world? The more she said, the more angry she became. Finally, she grabbed the bowl in his hand and splashed Meng Po Tang into the river. "Drink, drink, drink, you big head!" He was dumbfounded by her behavior. He shook his head and said, "Don't fool around." "Who are you to break into hell?" A rather commanding baritone. Muziyan turned his head and saw a man with a white face, a crown on his head, sachets on both sides to protect his ears, a flounce lapel, wide-sleeved robe,rapid sand filters, and boots striding forward, with noble integrity between his eyebrows. She hesitated for a moment. "Is this the King of Hell?" She asked. It is said that among the ten palaces of the King of Hell, the King of Hell was transformed by Bao Zheng after his death. Muziyan had heard a lot about Bao Zheng in his previous life and was more or less in awe of him. The King of Hell looked at her and asked, "Who are you that dares to trespass into the underworld?" Muziyan was neither humble nor pushy. "My name is Bijun," he said. "I belong to the clan of mountain ghosts." "It's the goddess Bijun," said the King of Hell. His face was light, and he said, "I don't know what's important for the goddess to come down." "I'm not wordy either," said Muziyan. "I want to take this man away and let him return to the sun." She took his hand and held it tightly. "Whatever it takes." "Zi Yan." Although not quite clear Mu Zi Yan's identity,Lamella Plate Settler, but the thing he still understood a probably, life and death have fate, he wanted to persuade her, who knows to be mercilessly stared back by her: "Uchiha Itachi you give sister me shut up!" She said to the King of Hell, "I know that in the book of life and death there is a record of a person's life. I want to change it." The voice was firm and irrefutable. The King of Hell said coldly, "With the seven fairies and Dong Yong, Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian as a mirror, do you want to repeat the same mistakes?" "There's something wrong with you." Muziyan rolled his eyes and said, "I am a human being, and so is he.". I just don't want him to die. I don't have much time. I don't want to say more. How can you be willing to let him go? The King of Hell said calmly, "With your way, you can't take him away." The bull's head and horse's face were surrounded by weapons. Muzi Yan also does not talk nonsense, directly knot seal, suddenly jumped out of the space of the big brown leopard, a golden and black fur of the civet cat, the breath of the spirit beast so that those who had no time to avoid the wandering souls suddenly disappeared. Her expression is also very calm: "I don't want to break my face with you …" Past lives. After a pause, rapid sand filters ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, she said, "My soul was reincarnated before the end of my life. It's a cycle of cause and effect. You owe me an explanation." Yama look slightly changed, quickly let the ghost consult the book of life and death, his face is more ugly, if it is an ordinary mortal, the afterlife is Yangshou also, but this person in this life is the mountain ghost family, known as the closest to God's family, if you can cultivate immortals, with the same longevity as heaven, out of the jurisdiction of the underworld, and now she settles accounts afterwards. If you don't get it right, you'll be in big trouble. There are more or less mistakes in the work of the underworld. He can't help it. Once mistakes are made, compensation must be made. This is the cycle of cause and effect, and there is a law between heaven and earth. No matter which space or boundary, there is no way to escape the rules. Rubbing his eyebrows, the King of Hell looked tired and said, "I understand. I will change the book of life and death." What do you think of the fact that the matter has been exposed? "Yama Wang Daen, Bijun is unforgettable." Muziyan bowed and said, "Please." She took his hand and complained, "To be clear, I saved your life this time, and you can't die casually in the future, or I won't be finished with you!" He smiled helplessly, do not want to say why you do this for me, do you know the consequences and so on, Ziyan's character he understands, say what is in vain. Besides, her heart, let him see like this, how can he have the heart to blame her willfulness again? He stuck a bright red flower in her hair and saw her touch it curiously. He took her hand instead and said, "This is the flower I picked on the way to the afterlife. I think you will look good with it." After a pause, he asked, "Is this your prototype? It's really beautiful." Muziyan blushed slightly, but pouted and said, "Hum, it's no use saying sweet words!"! Don't think I'll go around you like this. I'll get even with you when I get back. He touched her hair, which was as smooth as brocade, and said, "Good." The voice is gentle to the extreme. The King of Hell watched them disappear, laughing and talking, and their life span in the book of life and death had been changed to the same. He closed the book of life and death and suddenly remembered a line from a poem he had heard when he was in the world: "What is love in the world? It is called the promise of life and death.". Although most people drink Meng Po Tang after death, cross the bridge, forget everything, however, after all, there are still countless crazy children and daughters for a word of love, life and death without regret. How many such feelings have this helpless bridge witnessed? Life and death, what kind of love will let mortals have such great courage? He watched the restoration of order by the bridge, and the people who came and went to reincarnation sighed softly, but by the bridge, there was nothing left. The author has something to say: Well.. Everyone really wants to see the resurrection of the weasel king! I don't think it's a good idea to die Double Seventh Festival. Then come back to life! Because Double Seventh Festival,multi disc screw press, I am also literary and artistic. Never mind, everyone. In a bit of a hurry. So, for the review of Double Seventh Festival and early summer.. Add more!.