Lin Xi did not know whether it was because of the forced landing of the spacecraft or something else. In his laboratory and greenhouse, the plants that had always been lush, healthy and vigorous were all infested with pests. Considering the cleanliness of the spacecraft's greenhouse, this is almost a fantastic accident. But it just happened without warning. Afterwards, Lin Xicai discovered that the roots of several soil-grown plants that could not be planted in antibacterial culture solution actually had very small insect eggs. After hatching, they showed amazing activity and tolerance to various insecticidal measures. Many times, Lin Xi gnashed his teeth and swore that when he returned to Earth, he would kill the idiot graduate students who were in charge of the inspection. But no matter how angry Linxi was, the little bugs stubbornly survived round after round of routine disinfection and insecticide, and then the tiny devils spread inside the closed, warm greenhouse without any competitors. I really can't understand that the vitality of these bugs is almost more than that of water bears!? Linsey complained to Bryce and Alisa more than once. He had never encountered such a situation, and many plants were weakened by the gnawing of insects. The only thing that could make Linxi feel lucky was that Taran had become quite weak because of a severe headache. He was exhausted by the important things he had to wear. In a short time,fine bubble diffuser, he had no time to trouble Linxi. While trying to save the mess in the plant laboratory and greenhouse, Lin Xi himself could not help feeling the good luck of Ando Shizuo: the appearance of the pest happened to be the second day after the egg sheath of the star butterfly settled down by his bedside table. If Lin Xi had discovered this one day earlier, he would have refused Professor Ando's request without hesitation. Although Lin Xi also admitted that taking care of the egg sheath of the star butterfly was not as cumbersome and troublesome as he had imagined. It can even be said that after returning to the cabin after a busy day, looking at the ootheca floating leisurely inside the life support system, he would have a vague sense of relaxation. The tentacles that sprout from the surface of the ootheca have become more and more numerous and robust,lamella clarifer, and they are now no longer delicate and transparent, but a protein color close to the ootheca itself. Even if you don't look at the series of data fed back to him by the system, just looking at the egg sheath directly through the transparent glass, you can clearly see that the little guy is quite vigorous. Chapter 15 The precious, endangered egg sheath of the star butterfly shows such great vitality under the hands of a half-assed botany assistant. As the one who takes care of it, it's hard not to feel relieved. But of course, there are people in this ship who are worried about the existence of the egg sheath. You think it's out of hibernation? More than ten days later, in the medical room that Linxi was quite familiar with, Belt Filter Press ,rotary vacuum disc filters, his brother Bryce stared at Linxi for a long time with his hands around his chest, and then asked slowly. Before that, Lin Xigang complained to him about the endless and helpless insect plague, and by the way, he also mentioned the egg sheath of the star butterfly. But as soon as he heard Bryce's worried question, Lin Xi could not help making a grimace in his heart. He must have been too tired to be so dizzy, or he wouldn't have slipped up and told the other side about the egg sheath of the star butterfly. Based on past experience, Lin Xi could guess what Bryce was worried about with his eyes closed. Ever since the accident years ago, Bryce has been a little overprotective of him. Heavy maternal love-I don't know why this word always reminds Lin Xi of Bryce. However, no matter what kind of underbelly he had in his heart, Lin Xi still seemed calm on the surface. He shrugged at Bryce. "Of course, that worm egg is about to turn into a tentacle monster now.". ” Bryce's medical room is not too big, and three therapeutic instruments have taken up most of the space in the medical room, followed by a very small traditional operating room (the existence of this place alone shows how old the Helios is), a disinfection room, and another disinfection room. However, this space has been transformed into a leisure space where Lin Xi and Bryce are now waiting to talk. Behind Linsey, there was a row of silver metal storage cabinets, in which there were many good things that made Linsey salivate, but Bryce kept a close watch on the password of the storage cabinets, so Linsey never paid attention to them. At this moment, Lin Xizheng is occupying Bryce's expensive weightless work chair, which is not something the two Bryce brothers can afford-Alisa bought the work chair a few years ago and gave it to Bryce as a birthday gift. Lin Xi stretched out in there, thinking of the feelings between Alisa and Bryce, a faint envy rose in his heart. He was somewhat absent-minded because of the relaxation of his body. Moreover, as an egg sheath, it absorbs almost a liter of nutrient solution every day, which is not what a dormant egg should do. Linsey said to Bryce. That doesn't sound normal. Bryce said seriously. Lin Xi yawned. "Maybe?"? I'll see Ando about that later. "You can ask him to take the egg sheath back. This kind of thing should be in the laboratory, not in your bedroom." Bryce repeated his request. Lin Xi could not help sighing a long sigh. Okay,filter nozzle, I will. I'll go to Ando later. He paused, then raised his hands to Bryce in a gesture of surrender. "How long are we going to continue this conversation?"? For God's sake, when am I gonna get my calming gel? 。