Thinking of having a nice weekend watching some good shows and movies. One of the most popular categories that are making people go crazy is the Korean drama category. Today one can find a plethora of kdramas online on various platforms. Many platforms offer these movies for free. Simply choose the one you want to watch and enjoy your weekend.

But as the Korean entertainment industry is flourishing with such speed, and the number of dramas and movies releasing every week, it is becoming difficult for one to choose. Usually, the kdramas and movies are divided into genres.

One can choose any movie based on their genre. Some genres are popular among the viewers, but others are quite underrated. And here are some popular genres to pick from.

Romance Dramas

When it comes to kdramas the very genre that takes the cake is the romance genre. This category is one of the flourishing ones, as some of the most popular kdramas are from this category. One can find simple romances and some complicated ones too feature love triangles and complicated relations.

However, these romance dramas are not just sappy and cheesy ones, as they tend to have action, thrill, and comedy mixed with it.

Action Dramas

Korean action dramas are next level when it comes to stories and action scenes. These dramas are not just about mindless chase scenes and fight scenes. But, they are more about having a better storyline that keeps the audience interested from start to end.

Other than a good plot, these dramas also tend to have a strong good vs. bad story with some romance entwined.

Historical Dramas

Some of the most popular dramas in the Korean industry are historical period dramas. The story writers are very much in love with Korean history, aka the very popular Joseon and Goryeo period.

These dramas are packed with adrenaline-driven action scenes, palace politics, romance, drama, comedy, and high-quality production in location, palace, and attires. This makes these dramas quite attractive for new generation viewers.

Legal and Medical Dramas

These are professional dramas that say highly popular in the Korean entertainment industry. These dramas include the story  cast of aquaman 2 of one to more than one professional living their lives in a way that may not be most usual. These stories are rich in drama and some great content in terms of story and depth.

One can find several dramas that revolve around doctors and lawyers and their relations, both professional and personal. One can find many dramas in this genre on online platforms.

Comedy Horror Dramas

Comedy is no doubt one of the most popular genres in almost every entertainment industry. Horror, however, is an acquired taste as many tend to love this genre, and others tend to steer away from it. Korean industry has, however, found a middle ground to attract both comedy and horror lovers.

Horror comedy is a perfect mix of some spine-chilling plot with jump scares and some great comedy among the characters. Thus the entire dramas become watchable and not monotonous for viewers.