What is Cryptography and its Types?


Cryptography is used for user authentication and safeguarding data against theft and modification. How do you strengthen your brand by securing data against hacking? Nowadays, computing systems have a close relationship with humans. However, you might wonder how businesses protect their data and how your banking activities are kept private. “Cryptography” is the answer to each of these questions. In this article, you will learn- what are types of cryptography, and how you can use it to protect your data against theft and modification. Read on!


What is cryptography? - Cryptography is a technique for encrypting data and communications using codes so that only the intended audience can read and comprehend them. Data can be encrypted and communicated using cryptography without worrying about unwanted parties decoding it back into a readable format. The technique encodes data into an unreadable format to an unauthorized user. 


To keep information secret, written or generated codes must be created. Cryptography is used in information security on numerous levels. The data cannot be read without a decryption key. It implies that it is possible to confirm both the sender and the delivery of communication. The information keeps its integrity while being stored and also while in transit. 


Types of Cryptography


Symmetric-key Cryptography - Data is encrypted using symmetric cryptography, often known as secret-key cryptography, using only one key. The sender uses this key to encrypt plaintext before sending the cipher text to the recipient. Symmetric cryptography is the simplest kind of encryption because it uses the same key for encryption and decryption. The receiver uses the same key to decode the message and retrieve the plain text on the opposite side.


Because of the rising concern over losing one’s privacy, consumer security is at its highest level. Fundamentally, encryption is significant because it protects data and information from illegal access and upholds secrecy. Every application in practically every domain uses computing techniques. Technology has simplified our lives to a great extent providing a fundamental level of confidence for our data.


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