Start thinking about how you may make your visit to Florence's Duomo the most memorable one ever. A Duomo Florence tour is absolutely worthwhile because it brilliantly reflects Florentine culture and heritage. Discover the building's interesting history, admire some of the most famous artwork in the world, and, of course, climb the bell tower for breathtaking panoramas of Florence that you will never forget. This article deals with everything you need to know about the cost of the Duomo Florence tour.


What are the prices for Duomo tickets?

The tickets to see the Firenze Duomo have recently undergone a number of changes. Prior to the Covid-19 closure, a single ticket could be used to enter all the sites. Currently, there is a specific ticket for each area of the Duomo complex.


Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in the Duomo

There is no payment to enter the Cathedral. From August 3rd, reservations are no longer required. Just enter through the main facade's right door between 10.15 am and 4.15 pm.

"Berneschi's Dome"

The most stunning feature of the ensemble is undoubtedly the dome of Florence's Duomo. You can ascend to the dome's summit and take in a breathtaking view of Florence. The ticket costs are as follows:


  • Adults pay €20; children aged 7 to 14 pay €10
  • Children under 6 are free.


Towering Bell by Giotto

Another interesting feature of the Duomo complex is Giotto's Bell Tower. The ticket costs are as follows:


  • $15 for adults
  • children aged 7 to 14: €7
  • Children under 6 are free.


The ticket will be given at a certain time. Make sure to arrive on time because only a 5-minute delay will be accepted.


Church and Museum at the Duomo

The cost of admission to the Baptistery and Opera del Duomo Museum is €10 for adults. The cost of tickets for children between the ages of 7 and 14 is €5. The ticket prices for children under 6 are free


Terraces at Duomo

Only guided tours are permitted on the Duomo's terraces. The guided visit costs are as follows:


$25 for adults. Kids between the ages of 7 and 14: €10 Kids under the age of 6: free


In the event that you are considering taking the Duomo Florence tour, make sure to buy the tickets well in advance so that you don't have to wait in long lines. Safe travels!