According to some people, TV is the source of a variety of evil. On the other hand, some people think that television can be your best friend. In this article, we are going to talk about the pros of watching will there be a season 2 of reacher in the here and now. Read on to find out more.

1. Today, most of us are busy with our routines. We don't have the time to get out and spend time outdoors. So, TV enables us to entertain ourselves without spending a lot of money.

2. If you watch international news, you can stay tuned to breaking news from across the globe.

3. Some TV shows like the ones telecast on Discovery and PBS are quite educational. They can help you improve your knowledge, especially general knowledge.

4. DIY shows allow you to access all types of information. For instance, cooking channels help you know fresh recipes and methods. Similarly, home improvement programs allow you to know money-saving tips.

Financial advisors share their valuable advice on TV programs for free of charge. Also, you can learn a new language by watching TV.

5. Some television shows can spur on you to invest in a lot of time and effort to turn your dreams into reality.

6. TV shows and TV series can help you fight your loneliness. The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published a study that concluded that people watching TV shows don't experience feelings of loneliness.

7. Watching TV can help you make your mind stronger. For instance, some shows help you get familiar with different places, ideas, cultures, and people. In real life, you may not get the chance to improve your knowledge in this department.

If you watch different shows, you can get a much better understanding of the world around you.

8. TV helps you be part of a group virtually. So, you can get to know about a shared subculture. Also, in a social situation, you may get to face strangers. In this case, you can behave based on what you learnt in dramas or TV series.

9. If you gather around the TV, you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. Even if you have no interest in, say, cricket, you can watch a cricket match with your family to make the bond stronger. This will help you share a lot of memories.

10. Watching TV can help you enjoy a lot of health benefits. For example, watching comedy shows or series can make your mood elevated. Also, if you can't exerciser for much longer, you can watch a show while doing cardio or other exercises.