The entertainment industry is quite vast these days. People are not just about watching their domestic productions. But, they are more open-minded about watching a mayans m.c. season 4 and dramas created overseas. They are expanding their vision and reach and want to watch things that are created by different industries.

This entertainment globalization and availability of online content has paved the way for several different entertainment industries, like the Korean movie and entertainment industry.

Today, everybody is talking about kdramas. People are obsessed to the point where they have left watching other movies and series and are investing their time in Korean series and movies. So, what is the reason behind this sudden obsession and liking towards kdramas across the globe.

Here are some of the reasons behind this sudden popularity.

Storylines Keep the Viewer Interested.

People are bored of the same old tropes and same old stories. Korean dramas have come with hope for those who are looking towards some unexpected plotlines. Kdramas, whether from comedy, action, romance, or fantasy genre, tend to offer some great storylines.

They start with a certain idea and end with another. The stories will keep one guessing about what will happen next, how the relations will evolve, and what will be the endgame. They have some whacky ideas that come as a surprise for many.

Hilarious and Quirky Characters and Story

Kdramas are known for their ability to pick on the quirks of the characters. Almost every drama will have characters with a signature quirk, which makes for a good laugh. The Korean industry understands that people love to laugh, so they put comedic substance into their stories.

The comedy here is not just about jokes, but it is extracted from everything and anything like the gestures, expressions, and habits of the characters that can do one split.

Visually Pleasing Cinematography

One thing that makes the kdramas stand out from many other shows and dramas from other parts of the globe is their visual factor. The kdramas are glossy, colorful, and shiny, and almost like a dream at times. Some scenes will look like they have been cut out from some fairy tale old and new.

They put in a lot of effort in how mundane things like a dinner table with food on it or someone's home or a simple street with shops on the side will look on camera. This makes the visual experience great joy for viewers.

Mesmerizing Soundtrack

Lastly, one factor that brings people to the kdrama category is their enticing and enjoyable soundtracks. Almost all the movies one will watch, specifically the romantic ones, have the most beautiful OST. Most of the time, the songs will match the mood of the scene, whether sad, emotional, and happy, or action-packed.