Forklift operator has become a much sought after occupation today. And why wouldn’t that be? Flexible working hours, good pay, and scope for integrated learning.

But while participants learn about how to operate a forklift and what safety precautions need to be taken while operating, an important aspect of forklift training is highly neglected. That aspect is forklift upkeep. A forklift operator must understand the importance of forklift upkeep for a variety of reasons, enumerated here by CN Lift Safety, the leading provider of Forklift Training in Mississauga.

Workplace safety

Proper upkeep is not only necessary for forklift health, it’s also important to keep the workplace free of accidents and mishaps. Improper upkeep leads to reduced load capacity and this combined with faulty load estimation can lead to major workplace accidents, causing damage to freight as well as causing injury to operators and pedestrians.
Unpredictable breaking down of forklift in the middle of operation not only causes increased downtime, it can pose great danger to operators. Accidents and personal injury further reduce productivity and time wastage in law suits.

Consistent mileage

Don’t we want to keep our machines running as good as new, with the same mileage that you got at the time of purchase. But faulty upkeep reduces the mileage of forklifts, thereby increasing the fuel cost and overall operational costs. Proper upkeep and servicing leads to better fuel efficiency and this in turn reduces operational costs and improves profit margin. If you calculate annual fuel cost and cost of upkeep, the latter will always turn out to be less.

Reduced expenses on repairs

When it comes to forklift upkeep, many companies view it as unnecessary expenses and ignore it. What they don’t realize is that they’re making a grave mistake, saving on small investments to ultimately pay for bigger repair costs. In the absence of upkeep, companies may have to pay for bigger repairs in the form of part replacement and sometimes, even forklift replacement. Small investments made towards upkeep can save from major repair costs in the future.

CN Lift Safety, the best institute for WHMIS Training, therefore strongly recommends investing in upkeep and being informed about the same at all times, even during training.