Toronto nightlife is amongst the most happening in the country. So if you want to explore the 'City of Queens' and get sloshed with your gang, we have rounded up the best party destinations in Toronto to go out and have a blast once the sun goes down. Regardless of what you're looking for at night in the city, Toronto has you covered.  


As a city that boasts great diversity, Toronto is the city that never sleeps with a vibrant nightlife. Like a fine wine, the city experience keeps on getting better as the day turns darker.  


So feel the magic of Toronto with live music venues, theaters, and clubs once it becomes dark. You can also find many bars offering dining options to their customers so that they don't have to look for additional options beyond the space.  


⦁ King's West

Once an industrial area, King's West has transformed into a nightlife center with multiple bars and pubs. You can also find swanky hotels and upscale lounges here.  


⦁ Queen's West

One of the most renowned neighborhoods in the city, Queen's West has been named the second coolest neighborhood in the world by Vogue. There are plenty of bars and boutique hotels in this locale.  


⦁ Ossington Avenue

A vibrant strip with many eclectic bars, Ossington Avenue, has become a popular choice among the locals to have a blast at night. You can find brilliantly themed bars and nightclubs on Ossington Avenue.  


⦁ Dundas Street West

Discover great joints with unique offerings at Dundas Street West. There are some great gems in Dundas West that are worth the visit if you want to explore Toronto's nightlife.  


⦁ College Street

Situated at the luxurious NEST Toronto in College Street, Barcode Saturdays is a go-to nightclub for Torontonians as well as tourists from near and far. Whether you're looking for a Saturday night clubbing escapade, celebrating a special occasion at a nightclub, or just unwinding after a hectic day at work, Barcode Saturdays are one of the best bars in Toronto and the place to be.