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Concorde Valves and Automation is a main stockist/wholesaler of KITZ aluminum butterfly valves and KITZ Brass Ball Valves. With a background marked by over Decades surpassing our client assumptions, Concorde is currently serving thousands of clients in India. Concorde Valves and automation is likewise referred to as the best KITZ valves sellers in India.

Why Concorde Valves?

We are made with fantastic blends in an ideal environment, and have a full material group unmistakably. In this way we offer a whole year/piece of mind product guarantee for clean valves and hose gatherings.

We offer Industrial Solutions that are dependable, effective, protected and supportable.

  • KITZ aluminum butterfly valves
  • KITZ Brass Ball Valves

KITZ Aluminum Butterfly Valves

KITZ Aluminum Butterfly Valves In is highlighted with a one of a kind style of the neck designs, for convenience of different pipe designs, piping positions and installation environment.


  • Easy valve- to- flange - Due to Light weight of the valve body (Which is only one third of KITZ’s conventional cast iron body butterfly valves) eases valve to flange centering work on mounting valves in pipelines
  • centering Wide range of service applications - Austenitic stainless-steel disc is used in order to have highest corrosion resistance, which give the valve best durability across a wide range of applications to be used.
  • Stabilized Operating Torque - A pair of stem bearing assembled around the top and bottom stems prevents stem galling and stabilizes valve operating torque for smooth and trouble free disc rotation.
  • On the spot actuator assembly - The actuator mounting pads of all valve necks are designed in conformity with ISO 5211 requirements for direct on site mounting of actuator.

KITZ brass ball valves

KITZ brass ball valves are exclusively produced in modern factories used for valve manufacturing. Each phase of the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to casting, forging, machining, assembly and testing has been aided with latest modern automated production facilities and unparalleled production technology.

KITZ brass ball valves are designed by state of the art engineering technology and inspected by well qualified personal to achieve flawless manufacturing standards.

Design Features of KITZ brass ball valves

*Human Engineering in Hand wheel/lever Design

*Asbestos- Free gland packing

*Pressure Rating

*Inspection and Testing

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